A Question About Psychic Attacks

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A Question About Psychic Attacks

Post by Mike W on 20.04.16 6:10

I don't work on lucid dreaming like maybe I should, so for most of my dreams I'm usually the unaware puppet, barely even remembering what it was about after I've woken up. But this morning I woke up (kinda, it wasn't full control, more my thoughts were aware and I knew I was in a dream) inside my dream, right before I physically did, and had to wake myself up from the inside, moving my head, hands, and feet (I felt pinned in the dream, so those were the limbs I could move back and forth till I kinda burst awake). It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does I'm usually in danger, or feel like I am at least, this time ringing started in my ears and voice kept telling me to wake (no one in the room, I sleep by myself) up.

Now I think it was just a simple case of sleep paralysis, like I said it doesn't happen often but it does happen. A question did hit me though, how do you tell a psychic attack from simple case of sleep paralysis, or say a particularly intense dream?

Mike W

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Re: A Question About Psychic Attacks

Post by Aaron_Colin_Adams on 30.04.16 0:40

I use the what are you doing? What do you meen? Responses. I am always in a dream. Even when I had fangs. If I wanted to speak it would be Darkside sonic pulse based. You can tell when something is more real, when you get a food item, or smoke, or read a book. Reading is harder in a dream. You COULD. But the words would only be about something you have, done, not a code directed at your experiences. Thought to think about.


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Re: A Question About Psychic Attacks

Post by thenerdiestwitch on 03.07.16 11:44

Sleep paralysis is the absolute WORST.

Sadly, the only advice I can give you on telling the difference is your initial gut reaction. Also, I've had guardians/other benevolent spirits/beings come to my rescue before. Usually if something higher than you feels the need to scoop you out of a situation, shit is about to get real and you don't want to be there.

So perhaps someone telling you to wake up, as a warning against what was about to happen, could be a sign you were in danger.

I suppose, however, there would be instances in which something malevolent did want you to wake up. Like I said in another thread, I believe dreams are basically a meditation pool for us to relive experiences and witness our subconscious' view points to gain extra insight. Our conscious mind doesn't process things like our subconscious does, and they need to work in tandem for us to learn and function appropriately. Hints, the reason we dream. Well, one of the reasons, anyway. My personal theory, of course, but there it is.

So, that being said, some spirit attached to you that leeches off of you in that scenario would want you to grow as little as possible because if you grew as a person you would outgrow it, and therefore essentially exercise it even without you being aware of it's presence. Certain negativity only thrives on ignorance as it were. Say a spirit is attached to you because you are incredibly lonely and antisocial and have tons of depression and self-hatred. Well, if you were to be willing to work on your weaknesses and outgrow them (even being WILLING to would have a big effect) that being's hold on you would gradually wilt away until it had nothing to hold at all. This is of course a case by case, random scenario. And I believe that dreams, either searching our subconscious for direction or getting messages from guardians or departed loved ones in the astral realm would be a big part of that.

The ability to dream is our greatest gift as human beings; it connects us interdimensionally on a level that we would have extreme difficulty in achieving without it.

So, all that random slightly off-topic stuff aside, I will reiterate that your instincts are your biggest asset in telling if you are in danger in a dream. It is possible for beings to infiltrate your dreams and taint them. They do this for a multitude of reasons I won't be able to tell you. But you on some level always know when your dream is not "YOUR" dream anymore. Something always feels wrong. Old dreaming patterns are amiss, or simply nonexistent.

The astral realm is essentially infinite - so I've broken it down in my mind to get kind of a better hold on it. I believe each human has their own little pocket in the astral realm where they dream. It's not essentially a part of the astral plane, but it is connected, which is what makes infiltration and breaching out of a dream into the astral realm possible, in my opinion.

So, my suggestion to you, is to try to find a way to safeguard your dreams. I know some exercises and magick that might help you - it works for me at least. I've had similar troubles over the last few months and it's recently stopped altogether after I took some precautions (i.e., stopped being cheap and lazy and bought the supplies to do proactive magick.)

Keep in mind, magick can be done using nearly anything. I just bought specific supplies because those were the things that I felt would be most potent in the situation. I bought lavender oil, a cloth bag, some protective stones specifically for the charm bag, stuff to make a dream catcher, and some herbs known for their qualities of psychic protection. I could have made nearly anything work - I guess that's one of my gifts. I'm good at on the fly spellwork, lol.

Anyway, I sincerely hope this helps.

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Re: A Question About Psychic Attacks

Post by Maxx on 03.07.16 12:14

Mike W...

Sleep paralysis is always a precursor to "lift off" with astral projection.   The shadow type being (whether you see a being or not) that makes it's appearance near this event is not a demon or someone trying to do you in.  It is a part of you.  It is your higher self which is always with you.   Even after exiting your physical body that higher self will be behind you and near you every place you travel.  No dire circumstance at all.  Wear your No Fear sleep gear at night and push through it and take a trip.

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