I am deeply sorry.

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I am deeply sorry.

Post by Weasel69 on 08.02.17 3:19

I have taken 3 hours on this so, here we go.
Its the guy from before. The BornAgainChristian guy, or singerAaron.
I am deeply sorry, for my remarks, but. I dont know what wrong with me, or anything else other than I have paranoid schizophernia.
I was just in the shop, and, I bailed out on getting a small fries.
I dont, mean it, but I always mess things up. Even this is a complete joke, compared to Maxx, Nightshades posts.
I'm just going to shut my mouth. In Tower Hill, I was a drunk, always shouting then saying "What the hell happened?" I dont know, what on Earth, I am supposed to do. But in Tower Hill, in March 2016, I stopped eating. The neighbours were always offering me food, but I couldnt take it. I got moved to Tyburn. I broke down in front of police, hoping to go to mental hospital to get ECT. They were understanding, but, its was like they were just doing their job. They were hot, then emotionally cold. I from that point onwards, tried dating websites, get back into music. I made a few happy tracks. Simple midis. It helped for me to achieve some joy, with the means I had.
Now, I keep doing martial arts Katas, to end my life. But, I realize, in life, there are going to be a lot of mess ups, preganancy happens. It is very easy to get someone pregnant, and I fall in love with the darkest people. Some real loq lives. Just like me...
Kalb, you said the problem is my penis. I have tried methods to get over this.

Honestly, I am tired of life and cannot bear to be this way. I pray for death. I am going to take a walk in sandals and try to think.
I hope you have long and happy lives, and watch what youre smoking and drinking.
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Re: I am deeply sorry.

Post by A.Nightside on 04.09.17 14:53

You can voluntarily get yourself into a mental hospital can't you?
It sounds like you need a good therapist to help you with coping mechanisms and what-not.

I have memory problems, and I'm still a little new here, so I don't know you from any of your history here. This is certainly an "off topic" post If I may ask, why ARE you here? Is this just vent post, or are you expecting/hoping for a particular sort of reaction?

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Re: I am deeply sorry.

Post by LittleWanderer on 04.09.17 15:10

I may be incorrect but I based on their account details this user has not been to this forum since February.

Though I find your concern a stranger very kind.


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