A Vampires Lair

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A Vampires Lair

Post by NECROVAMP on 19.05.18 23:53

While a vampires specific dwelling may or may not have any effect on his/her ingrained capabilities. The vampires lair plays a large part in vampire fiction and folklore. A dark castle perched high on a hill, a brooding mansion in a remote part of town, or a spooky old house at the end of a street. Each of these could be considered the essential primary residence of a vampire. Although, in modern times with the advent of condo's and apartment complexes, the quintessential lair of the vampire may be somewhat subdued.

Vampire mythology goes a little further in exclaiming that, in actuality, a vampire was more of an estranged being that drifted in and out of city streets feeding on those that dared spend time in a nocturnal and destitute realm, where people of the night with alternative extra curricular activities spent most of their precious hours. Some may have encountered the being and been left in perilous torment for merely a few moments as they became drained into a cold lifeless state. The creature of the night placed in a rural setting is another folkloric scenario, scavenging a graveyard and lurking effortlessly toward the center of town to claim the innocent that may frolic in the after hours of a town gathering or meeting. The myths may however have painted an inaccurate picture of whom the vampire really was. The romanticized and fictional version could be a more proper arch-type, which pervaded tales that existed in past ages and even those of the current day.

Do you live on the edge of town, in a big city, or in a castle steeped high on a hill where you prowl the reaches of a far off land where wolves howl into the night, as bats flutter into the moonlight, and a mysterious carriage emerges and carries you off into unfolding darkness.

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