Magick of Music, Song and Sound

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Magick of Music, Song and Sound  Empty Magick of Music, Song and Sound

Post by MysticLightShinethForth on 18.08.18 10:43

There are patterns within sound, colourful patterns of impactful frequency. This can be used for good or for ill directed under the will of magickal intent (in a particular and more or less somewhat elusive way) - the choice is yours - however the magick of music, song and sound should never be irresponsibly wielded to cause unnecessary harm for such will per a certain chance destabilize the mind and lead to unforseen negative consequences. A sacred art indeed, not to be misused, for the patterns of things in and of themselves can be represented not just by symbol or words carrying meaning, but by sound. Carrying, therefore, great healing propensities and various effects fueled by intention of the sound to be produced, it can be wielded to an ever increasing awareness upon the manipulation of sounds for causing tremendous effects.

The magick of music, song and sound cannot be fully complete without the infusing of energy into it however, as by the intention thereof and its crafted skill. I have found out that different intuitive combinations of sound might effect energy in many different ways where certain frequencies carries the power of upliftment, others the potential of overall healing and so on, depending upon state of mind and thought (or feeling) behind its intention to one certain extent and upon the direct intention and producing of sound to another extent. The former point might in some way tie into the concept of metaphysical noise in one aspect, echoing into the physical formation of sound on our vocal chords itself and polluting the energetic intention behind it, and it also ties into simple wholeheartedness in another way, combined with the latter point, where the sound and intention is focused upon the full fledged effect of whatever outcome. A whole area of undiminishable value to magickal and spiritual potential in works of healing and causing change and effect in my point of view but requiring greatest subtlety for its highest workings - as with any other magickal practice - as far as I reckon.

Let's discuss a little upon the subject; what material is there to be found on this, if anyone knows, and is there anyone else here with same experiences or any insight? Merely am I studying it within my own field of experience, but that will require much attentive care before its fuller elaboration so I make no pretense of being an expert on its theoretical application of practice. It is very intuitive so far but I reckon there is a particular science behind it and that might tie into the formation of language, or phonetics, itself to a certain aspect of it but unto other effects of certain outcome such as healing, inspiration and overall upliftment, in other ways, which are more relevant to this topic directly (rather than the very interesting formation of language even though that is a very fascinating subject in and of itself) as to the magick of music, song and sound...

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