Red Order of Seth and Monotheism (Questions/Discussion for Forum Participants)

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Red Order of Seth and Monotheism (Questions/Discussion for Forum Participants)  Empty Red Order of Seth and Monotheism (Questions/Discussion for Forum Participants)

Post by MysticLightShinethForth on 29.05.19 6:02

In what way do you think that monotheism specifically is manipulated by the ROS; either that, or invented by them, if that is at all the case? What are the particular flavours of their monotheism? How does it stand in relation to all other -theisms? What are its components, or more hidden ingredients?

My personal beliefs are that of an all-pervading force and Creator, Sustainer and Dissolver of Creation (or Generator, Operator and Destroyer - GOD), that is more pantheistic and not exclusive but inclusive to other deities, gods and goddesses; calling it a god, like we call the Gods as Gods, might be a misnomer, since it is beyond that level altogether. Maybe this is a unifying understanding. It is an Infinite Essence that is at the core and heart of every creature, being and living thing, the essence of divinity. But how does this relate to the monotheism of the ROS that they employ in psychological manipulations and from the supposed teachings of Moses that carried those or other elements, whether that be true or not as drawn from the Asetian Bible? How does this relate to the monotheism of which Asetians are proclaimed to be adversaries?

Maybe the answer lies in that it is not an exact monotheism but, nevertheless, it has a component or an element of a singular Deity that is above all else however not in a psychologically dominating manner, but just as the pure essence of what is and the support of all that is. It is in a hierachical manner but that has to be understood correctly and not as the social dominance hierarchies of mortal men but as the pure extension of mathematics from One to Many. Certain systems speak of "The One" out of which came "The Many" and the Ancient Egyptians had their Neters probably as derivatives out of this source that helped to sustain the Creation, intertwined with the mathematical and philosophical and theological system of it (they had it all enmeshed in a complete understanding).

It is all a huge puzzle for me. It might not look like a huge puzzle from a clearer view but my perspective is at the moment limited in this way; hence there is seeking for other thoughts and understandings.


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