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Post by Maxx on 20.07.19 9:34

I want to ask the question do you think there is any difference between the Aset Ka Vampire description and what you think you are as a Vampire (those that are professing to be vampire here on the forum)?

As a sublet, with the powers you may proclaim by being a vampire, (and you must have some or are developing some) how is this different from the powers a human can develop not even being a vampire?

For instance, I can take a plain human and put them into a trance induction and have them read a page of a book through a brick wall while having never seen the book prior.  By working to develop this subject, one can actually become adept at doing this without being hypnotized.  Similar to remote viewing but not the same.

I am asking because I want to know personally what your status is?  If it is even worthwhile to work being born into the next life as a vampire.  I am getting my travel documents put together now and I always like to plan ahead.  So might you be so kind as to enlighten me to the benefits you experience here and now in your vampire existence over being human?  Is there anyone here that can list their accomplishments while living the life of the vampire and show me how it could be a plus over being born a human.  

PS. I already carry a full supply of blood around in my physical body so I do not need to stop at filling stations along the way.

Many thanks for enlightening me.

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