What is your preferred way of Feeding?

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What is your preferred way of Feeding?

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Re: What is your preferred way of Feeding?

Post by A.Nightside on 03.08.17 10:23

Takaikishi1700 wrote:
Helliana wrote:I think psychic vampires can't get energy from blood like Sanguinarians can, that their bodies can't pull energy from blood and all. It also might repulse them.

That is indeed very true, but I'm in an environment where I cannot dive deeper into any of those feeding types yet until I'm out on my own, I have to do it in secret due to parents and Indirect feeding seems to work best for me in this case. I am looking more into ambient feeding though and I use many sources for my energy. Not only prana from people but I also like to take energy from weather and the earth.

If I did have a donor near me then I would be Blood feeding as well, and if my partner was near me I would try Sexual and Deep feeding. But yes, I am open to other types of feeding. I can only see what the future brings.
I'm actually fuak feeder I pull just by touch it in close proximity. But prefer blood raw meat and my host must be disease  free I dont believe I'm inpervious to dieses but most of all they must want to give thm selves to me. I just love the taste of blood hitting my mouth. But most if the time I just feed energy wise or physically. ( sorry for spelling,)  I love the site smell and everything about blood. But I'm also pagan. I've been a feed dice I was 13 and live in Missouri not very many open vampires or of the lies in the bible belt. I dont just pull what I want I pull sicknesses from people I care about which afects my physical body as well I'm also empathic which is where my hunger started. The poll used here should give atoeast 3 choices IMO I'm a blood letter and love watching my own blood slowly drip or run down then i lap it up mm mm tastes so good the matalic taste is OK but there's a ritualistic. Core to it. I'm looking forward to finding more people or vampires to have conversation with. I'm TAKSI KISHI and im on my 4 th life. But I feel I had the blood lust in all my past lives.

Many psychic vampires can get their energy through blood. It is my experience that it's much more potent than any energy feed, however, as an energy feeder, there realy isn't much need to hunt down a consenting donor, go through the testing if your alternative is to essentially visualize and pretend (I realize that there's more to it than visualization and it's certainly not pretending for those who actually feed, but there are plenty who fake it well enough to fool even themselves).

Some Blood Needers also are repulsed by blood, but they need it nonetheless. Many experience guilt in having to cut their donors (even if the donor does it their self) or however they extract the blood.

Takaikishi, you sound very much like a blood fetishist. I realize this is not the thread to do this, but if you'll open your mind to my two cents.. Sangs don't necessarily "love" blood. They need it. They might indulge in a blood fetishist or blood play because it makes things easier. Granted, I'm sure some Sangs are also blood fetishists, I just think it's important to understand where the need ends and the psychological desire begins and that there is a big difference.

Also feeding from yourself reaps no real benefit, it does nothing at best, and harms you further at worst. If Auto-Vampirism satisfies you, then this further supports the idea that your need is not more than a fetish.

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Re: What is your preferred way of Feeding?

Post by Lynskha on 25.08.17 14:43

I believe as years passed, we can find the best ways of feeding, depending on the need, and the mood.

One interesting thing is that the frequency of feeding can vary, specially if you find a good balance.

This balance can be obtained through some practices like chi kung, tai chu, meditation, and others.
Since the necessity of energy will always exist, the only difference is how you use your energy in your daily lives.

Normally, you can obtain the energy from the environment around you, by simply being open to it, using filters to avoid some kinds of energy you would not like to get into contact with.

I believe I am always learning new ways of balancing myself. Not wasting energy, and feeding from the energy that surrounds me. There is the sexual one, that is always a kind of energy that I believe should be used and enjoyed. It is a very powerful one.

The emotional one, specially in situations where the person is happy, the chat is good and fun, and you feel the energy growing.

And the emergencial one, where the energy is very low, and at that moment, the predatory feed happens.

But as I said in before, when you reach a balance, the need of feeding tends to change.

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