The Art Of Asetianism.

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The Art Of Asetianism.

Post by Kalb on 03.02.11 17:04

In the last days i have been thinking about this forum and post's too. It's Clearly visible that there is a big difference in knowledge and maturity here. I follow this forum since its beginning as many of you. There are moments when I think I did not post anything that would improve the debate or i may not have expressed myself well. Being Asetianist is totally pure and free. Here in the forum i think we start begin taking care for each other.I remember some time ago a user to have offended me and Jonathan have advocated me at their best level. Union above all. There are users more emotional than others and often when someone writes something new we feel a beauty in his words. The Asetianism is experienced by thousands of ways, but you who are registered here and giving a face to the world are responsible for how the Asetianism is seen by more immature people. We will be remembered a lifetime. We are a privileged to be present at the beginning of Djehuty of the Serpent. There is not doubt that knowledge is very important and valuable, because without it there would be no wisdom.
Whether we live life alone or belong to an Order / Coven the art to understand the Asetianism does not know the mysteries of life and Asetians but the dedication, loyalty, honor! The introduction page of the Asetian Bible is totally true! And those three things are exactly what I feel about you. Actions speak for themselves .. Every day, I remember you ... and is filled with love.


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Re: The Art Of Asetianism.

Post by Syrianeh on 04.02.11 2:38

That was a very moving post, Stalker. I feel honored to be part of this community and also to consider myself your friend.

As many other users here, I might go through silent stages and self-isolation, and that is a good - and often necessary - thing. But I will continue to consider this Forum a kind of home to me.

As you very well say, Asetianism is an art. It is an Asetianist's responsibility to carry it truthfully and honorably, because - even though most Asetianists will never be introduced into the confidence of the AK - part of the Path of Evolution is honouring that which you believe in.

But, to quote something a wise member said in Twitter, "One does not choose to be an Asetianist, IT chooses them".

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Re: The Art Of Asetianism.

Post by Victor on 04.02.11 15:25

Thank you both for sharing your feelings so openly. It is, indeed, moving and it expresses exactly why Asetianism is a form of art in itself. An ancient and indescribable secret art.

I will not try to explain through words why some of us see it as an art, while others may scratch their heads confused by our words and views. Instead, I will just let them feel it, so that the ones with an open mind, a loyal heart and a pure soul can feel what we feel and see what we see.

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Re: The Art Of Asetianism.

Post by Lynskha on 22.11.17 10:00


An Art... A beautiful one. I believe it is one good word to describe it. I can notice how each individual builds the feeling and view about Asetianism.

As I can see, this forum/group/community has been active for a long time. Many of you probably experienced what I am experiencing now, with my first steps into Asetian teachings.

All the questions, doubts, fears, chaos. Moments of joy and happiness, moments of confusion.

From old topics, I could see some just disappeared with time, others grew hate, but many of you just kept going, evolving, growing.

I like what I feel here at this forum. I like to see your experiences, the ones you used to share, some changes in the way you used to think, how much the energy around the forum , and some of the group has grown a solid one.

I see the concept of the kaleidoscope Luis Marques uses in the Book of Orion, is a good one to describe how I perceive Asetianism, and the Asetianists.

I see that each individual learns and gets his own teachings and perspective, but also, contributes from what he carries inside.
This way Asetianism is a living thing, being all the time like a melody being played and felt.

I am greateful from what I have been able to learn, and feel.

It is Art, and like Victor said

others may scratch their heads confused by our words and views.

Some can see as Art, others like techniques, and for outsiders who do not understand how we feel, they won't get the idea of Art.

Being sensitive to the way things affect us, we can feel, the beauty and power.

Life is an expression of Art. The Universe, the Existence.

A wonderful cosmic masterpiece.

Asetianism brings this expression, at least for me.


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Re: The Art Of Asetianism.

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