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Em Hotep,

We know a soul when we understand their heart. The power that exists in every soul is power won for their commitment and effort .. the dedication and the mysteries of life is something that goes grow with our evolution. In life we must have a purpose, we need to be a hunter of knowledge to get wisdom and to move on, that's what makes us powerful... the courage to move on. we have the power to fight for what we believe, Power defines who we are and do. For example, in Ancient times in Egypt the Asetians created the Temples and the Pyramids, throughout this time until today, we know of their art, we know their power because of their creations. Only people with power can create things with Power! Asetians are people of Power! In the Asetian Bible the God Seth is represented by the symbol of Was (Power) showing us that the Sethians are also people of Power. (I can also say that the symbol is represented by Was(Power) because of fights over the Throne, the desire of kingdom). The Power creates in us a link in order to be available in the cycle of incarnations, live, feel and fight for what we believe is be possible until we reaches the limit of our forces and begin to die slowly putting an end to our destination, the death of our soul. In the beginning Asetians were mortals, Our Goddess Aset made sure of this, teaching Them many mysteries about life and when Aset Felt That They were ready, She Kissed Them to Eternal Life. Making it accessible immortality to all who remain loyal and followers of Asetians.

"To their secret and silent group Aset called Aset Ka, as a direct symbol of their true origins the Essence of Isis, the Ka of Aset. And so She said and marked in blood, that those loyal to Her, would be forever loyal to them, because they were one. In Her Dark Kiss She engraved Her holy sigil deep in their very souls, that would forever be their Asetian Mark, and they would do the same to their followers."
The Dark Kiss in our days is extremely rare, need approval of their Master to the Apprentices become a dark child, as our Goddess Aset did with His Children...
To be Asetian is to die and be reborn, is to forget all Learned and learning all They forgotten is a cycle that will continue until the end of time...This is Power!
The world view about Immortality is very similar, taking a case or two, everything will be the same. We live, and after death there will be a decision for where we go. There is no purpose before Death, there is no desire to where to go after death and in every incarnation they will be like fallen leaves in the wind with no Power.

A servitor is highly advanced form of magick, the sorcerer put his own Will in the servitor and he lives according to the Will of their founder. It's clear that servitors are not immortal, but can survive more than a lifetime of human race. Of course, that i am talking about Royal Servitors created by Asetians. Thus demonstrating the power that its founder put in its creation. The strong desire for life. A desire for life that many humans are unable to feel because of their lack of power... Life is Power, to feel life we need Power, our Inner Power.

For many people, proves is needed, scientists do experiments to find proves for and against scientific theories. The detectives seek proves demonstrating who committed crimes. Proves may take very different forms. In Asetianism only who really prove that deserve an opportunity doors are open...Immortality is superior to Power, immortality symbolizes the eternal life and power over the life .. For most of the human race, Power is so superior that they can't support in they lifes ... How they can understand immortality without understand their inner Power? Immortality is not a question of wanting ... is a matter of being prepared or not.

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