Asetka vs Death eaters

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Asetka vs Death eaters Empty Asetka vs Death eaters

Post by Ashling 23.06.14 8:32

Well doing a google search on asetka. I found a amusing quote. I don`t share the same view.The search only went to about 32 pages on google.

The quote is below and the link.

26th July 2011 17:42Re: Harry Potter, The Orion Empire and Sirius B
Slytherin aren't the 'darkside' the Death Eaters are. The founder of Slytherin House is pretty much their prophet and their house within Hogwarts is kind of like a politically acceptable front. I suppose it's a bit like Sinn Fein and the IRA.
The death eaters themselves seem to be based on the Kermetic Order of Aset Ka. They also have the dark mark on their wrist that identifies them although only other members can see it. They're based in Portugal where J K Rowling worked as a teacher. Perhaps she heard about them while she was there.

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Asetka vs Death eaters Empty Re: Asetka vs Death eaters

Post by Diante 16.05.15 6:56

Extremely interesting.

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