week three of the exercises....Vibration

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week three of the exercises....Vibration Empty week three of the exercises....Vibration

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Week Three

Hermetic Principle Exercise


For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words. (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)

3. The Law of Vibration: Everything is in motion and vibrates with its own rate of the vibration. ''Nothing Rests; Everything Moves; Everything Vibrates''

On the seventh day of this third week, once again refrain from the meditation schedule you have been following for the previous six days. Today, you will be directly affecting and experiencing the principle of vibration.

On this seventh day, as you awaken, enter a tranquil breath awareness state, preparing to once more observe your thoughts and emotions throughout the day. As you begin to observe these two aspects of your inner workings, visualize them interacting with the entirety of creation as tiny vibrations radiating outward from your presence.

First begin with your immediate surroundings as you go about your daily routines and rituals. Begin to create an intense and specific emotion. Then combine it with the power of thought. Clearly watch with your eyes wide open as these tiny yet intense vibrations impregnate your immediate vicinity. Naturally, this begins as completely imaginary, as the astral vision has not yet been fully developed. As you interact with others today, listen to them speak as you create an intense state of thought and emotion. Direct these powerful vibrations out into the environment and know that you are now beginning to have an effect on the vibratory frequency of your surroundings. Realize that millions upon millions of vibratory frequencies are constantly in motion from atoms, electrons and molecules to entire worlds, suns and universes. In the process of mastering your environment both in the physical world, and soon enough in the astral planes, you will be working with your individual vibratory frequencies. It goes without necessary comment that one should cast intense positive and helpful thoughts and emotions to progress in the proper direction of this exercise.

As you work with resonating the frequencies of your thoughts and emotions outward today, know that you are taking a major step in training your astral abilities. Understandably, this process is imaginary at its onset for the majority of individuals. This however, matters not. It is vital to realize that within the astral planes, every thought and emotional frequency you create will bring immediate results to manifest the environment. The finer frequencies of the astral planes do not require days, months and years to manifest a desire such as the physical realms do. Today’s exercise can make a drastic difference in your astral explorations and train your ability in travel to direct destinations without emotional and thought distractions.

Continue your day of creating intense and well-directed emotional states while sending the thought vibrations out into your environment. As you advance with this ability of seeing your vibrations radiating outward with focus, begin to realize that you are making a larger ripple, or energy current, within the entire matrix of creation. The true power of your thought and emotional vibrations begins to pierce deeply into the extended planes of reality as you begin to empower their presence with your will. Work with this spiritual exercise rigorously today knowing that at a much deeper level of reality, you are beginning to create the frequency of your surroundings.

As you lay in bed at night, spend a few moments in quiet reflection to consider the impact you have consciously made not only in your physical world, but within the astral and spiritual realms as well. Give sincere thanks to yourself for having practiced and accomplished something that most people still do not fully recognize or accept. Repeat your weekly affirmation as you calmly cross over into sleep states.

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