My Higher Self, The Lion

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My Higher Self, The Lion Empty My Higher Self, The Lion

Post by Matttt 12.08.16 20:01

Em Hotep
Long time, no type everyone.

Recently, during some meditations focusing on my Higher Self as well as the spheres of Malkuth and Tipareth, I have been approached by a massive lion who glows with a golden aura. This has been my first visual experience of my Higher Self. My sun sign is a Leo and the lion has always stood out to me. I would like to have your all's opinion on these visions. I haven't really heard of people equating the higher selves to an animal. Could this be my totem animal? Or is this lion just a symbol that is familiar to me representing my HGA?
Many thanks and blessings,

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My Higher Self, The Lion Empty Re: My Higher Self, The Lion

Post by Heruset 16.08.16 20:34

I think that this could be your mind interpreting the energy being "channeled" through to you. You are receiving the energy and seeing what you associate with it; a fierce lion, the sun, gold. Smile


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