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Post by Adrian_Wulfe 16.01.17 22:33

Hello, you all can refer to me as Adrian. I've been active in many pagan communities for years now, but few, if any, have ever touched on the topic of vampirism. Of course, there have been a wealth of "otherkin" that have presented themselves at times, but I've personally never known how to logically or spiritually approach the subject with the exception of over-exaggerated and mythical animal totems (as per Native American spirituality). Too, there have been those who've said that they were a vampire/vampyre, only to be immediately shit-stormed on. I suppose I don't blame them, with the fact that the only time a "vampire" is ever mentioned in most pagan literature is in reference to the infamous psychic vampire. But it was that very topic that led me to where I am now, speaking with you all.

It began one day when I was speaking with one of my partner's co-workers in her massage parlor. This rather energetic woman entered the main lobby, and began to speak with me while I sat (awaiting my partner to be done with her duties so that I could drive her home). After a few moments in conversation, she began to calm down and mellow out. I noticed this, but naturally, thought nothing of it. It wasn't until she said this that I began to contemplate its meaning: "You know, I'm not sure why, but I feel really relaxed and calm right now talking to you. I don't really ever just experience this with people."

I had considered that maybe she thought I was nice? Maybe I had a soothing voice, I don't know. In matters concerning energy, perhaps I was giving off good aura or vibes that was relaxing. Before I left, however, another woman in that room whom I knew well apparently witnessed something quite different. This woman, whose nearing her crone years, is a Master Reiki teacher whom passed an attunement to me later that year, and worked closely with my girlfriend in helping her down her path in Witchcraft and Wicca. She said that I was drawing energy out of this woman, and essentially "feeding" off of her, resulting in her sudden mellowing. At this time, I had only ever heard of this as being "psychic vampirism", normally seen as a negative quality in people. I was a little confused, as I had no intention of doing this to somebody.

A year and a half later, and I feel like I'm still lost on the subject. I've read Vampyre Magick by Father Sebastian, but I've come to understand that he's somewhat of a joke in the Occult community. I've also scoured online forums, and watched a few interview videos. I've read little else, however, as I'm quite absorbed by other occult and pagan topics that I'm reading about. Needless to say, I feel fairly overwhelmed with the diversity of this vampiric phenomena, and more importantly, who to trust and who not to with their information. It seems to be, at best, a fleeting topic for most of the authors I do trust.

So here's my question: What is your take on what I described, and what are the trusted and serious resources for this subject?

I'm willing to answer questions as they come. Thanks in advance.

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Post by A.Nightside 17.07.17 6:16

Hello, (:
I identify as a Psychic/Psionic/Energy/Pranic Vampire. I am not what is described in many pagan articles. I am not a monster who preys on people. I am not a Social or Emotional vampire (in the sense that one evokes particular emotions and does harm). I can feed off of emotionally charged energy, but I don't intentionally make it a point to hurt or hype someone up for a feed.

I'm also, regularly, told that I have a soothing effect on people.

I've run out of time right now, I have to get to work, but I will definitely try to return here so that I can provide a better response.

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