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Post by Charby 17.12.17 16:53

Whether here or elsewhere, you hear it often - a vampire needs a donor, we must have one if we are to feed from humans, don't take without the knowledge and consent of the one giving, etc...

But, is that really so? Do we need to apologize or make excuses for feeding on the unaware? Is that only the mistake of the young, the newly awakened? Or is it our nature, are we meant to do just that in times of need? Should we hold to the laws of humans, and fairness and, never taking from the unaware? Should we be made to starve and suffer out of some sense of right toward these unaware humans?

Or should we feed as our souls demand, having a donor when possible but, feeding on the unaware if no donor is possible for us? If we do that, should we feel the need to apologize, to somehow make amends for being the predator our soul dictates we are? Is a donor even to be considered as prey, or does that make us no longer predators at all? And if having a donor means we don't have prey, and are not a predator, is that not denying a part of our very nature?

Is it the vampires or the would be vampires that want us to apologize for using what is natural to our souls and, to deny that which we are designed to do in favor of something more acceptable, more reasonable to human sensibilities?

Simply fodder for thought and discussion. I state no opinion of my own here, but rather open the subject to hear the opinions of others on the matter.

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Predator and Prey Empty Re: Predator and Prey

Post by A.Nightside 17.12.17 21:13

Ultimately it's an individual choice.
I know, when I first began coming to terms with what I am, and my need, my nature. I felt guilt. Overwhelming guilt, even with consent.

When it comes to blood, I sure hope one gets consent, otherwise well, I hope they like assault charges.

When it comes to energy, I suppose it depends. To the aware, a nonconsenting feed can be taken as an attack and met with an unpleasant response. But as far as feeding without consent in general, our bodies do this naturally if we go without active feeding for too long.

I've heard direct, core feeding to be compared to rape or assault. .. but surface feeds, and less invasive, less damaging exchanges, I suppose though possibly "Unethical" arent' exactly harmful to the donor/victim or the vampire/feeder.

I do not consider donors prey, even if I draw without consent. We have a right to take care of ourselves, but I think that right ends where it may potentially harm someone else. I will admit, when Hungry and even shifty (be it Vampiric or Otherkin related) I tend to feel more predatory, and in the past I disconnect from the humans around me, I percieve them in a more predator/prey like manner.. Thank goodness for self control Razz

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