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Post by Lynskha 19.01.18 13:55

Unfortunately, the popularization of the term and the allure for all of those fantasy thing caused this distorted vision of what a vampire is. Then the association to the word leads to that biased opinion. Some may identify with this modern view, and I won't lie, it is a form of vampirism. Any form of energy manipulation that you drain, you feed, you use it for magick purposes or others, is a form of vampirism. Emotional vampirism is one of the most commons nowadays. People tend to develop a condition of feeding on others energy, even if in an unconscious level.

So these are types of vampires, and there are the ones that suffer from the placebo effect and like the idea of being a vampire, this way developing phycological and emotional conditions, "becoming" a vampire, through the process of sympathetic vampirism.

I see the community nowadays has vampires, but vampires with a small “v”, there are the role players, the ones that use it as a escape for their reality, the placebo effect, the creation of an illusion to fulfil some emptiness inside them. It gives them confidence and strength, it tries to place them as special people, even for themselves.

But what many fail to see is that, it is not the vampirism, that is not being a vampire, or actually that is, but in other terms.
So the thing is that there are vampires, and there are .. beings in which the condition of a vampiric nature exists, in a predatory way, spiritual way, so the vampirism is not what they are, but part of of their Self.

Not vampires, that is not the word that would define it, or label, but beyond that. Different beings, in a more profound nature, with a different vibration, over the subtle body, there are elements that differ us from the mass, even if not identifying with a vampiric nature, there is at least this difference in the way we perceive the world, the way we are not asleep, that we took the correct pill to get out of the matrix.

We are awakened beings, for the reality that surrounds us. Being the ones who do not fall in the beauty of the illusion that the system tries to feed on people.

And we are not in that current.
It is an intricated system that vibrates inside us.

We are not just incarnated here to live and feed on society drama, and the wheel most live without even realizing they are under a lie.

We are evolved beings, seeking to better ourselves.

and where is vampirism inside it all?

It is in the way WE sense it, we understand and we feel and live it, that is why we disgust so much all of this that happens around VC.

It is not a matter of, I am the “all mighty powerful from my Royal Draconian Blood”, and I am the ruler of the world.

it is not a matter of drama like: oh how I am misunderstood, I need to feed on people, I am this or that.

it is not a matter of I am different.

It is just what we are and who we are.

The different beings we are. No matter what is the "label" one would put, but just by the fact of pursuing a Path in order to become a better person, just this will, and True Will to go beyond and find answers, to get to know ourselves, just because this small act of stepping out of the numbness of illusion, we are already different beings.

Or at least... some of us.

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Post by Charby 29.01.18 5:32

Well said.

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Post by Azrasamael 17.02.18 17:48

Beautiful. This is what my awakening process has been showing me, as well. Thank you, Lynskha.

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Post by Vigilance 10.06.19 16:57

The term vampire can be used for the absorption of energy or the drainage of blood.


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