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Post by NECROVAMP 21.05.18 3:15

Shambhala / Agartha Shambala

Shambhala is known as the great mystical capitol city of Agartha.  If your not familiar with Agartha, it's an ancient civilization that is said to be hidden deep within the earth.  It's only accessible by caverns that course like underground labyrinths through the interior of our planet and apparently can lead to an underground lost city, which quite possibly may be still inhabited to this day.  

Agartha was searched for by some and it's popularity grew to a height in the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries.  It is said, but heavily guarded in secret, in the dwellings of monks, high in the mountains of Tibet, there lies entrance ways to the caves that lead to it.  There are other entry ways as well but also held in deep secrecy.  It is referenced by the Ancients to be the forbidden realm, the underworld, land of white waters, land of radiant spirits, land of living fire, land of the living gods, and land of wonders.

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Post by CREdarkness 11.10.18 4:35

Have you attempted to find this place, and if so, any luck? As a vampire, in the past, I’ve found myself in other realms, cities one won’t find in any average reality, and encountering beings/entities from beyond our world. I have never heard of these two particular places though, that you’ve mentioned. Well, this is another post by you I enjoyed reading. 😏 Thanks.

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