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Our Apology to Primal Craft Empty Our Apology to Primal Craft

Post by Rhea Kaye 12.08.22 17:51

For full disclosure, I am Rhea Kaye and some of you know me as Sarah Angelique.

Most of you know me for many years, and I’m writing this in good faith on behalf of the Asetianist community and Vampirismforum.com as it seems that we have been misled, something that has been propagated in previous comments and posts here concerning Primal Craft. These comments were based on information that has been perpetuated by individuals named Yuri (Joshua Mcglinchey) and Asenath Mason (‘meg’ Malgorzata Patrzyck) in another platform unrelated to this forum. Their inflammatory comments led me to believe that the information we were receiving was correct and we based our actions solely on what I believed at the time to be true. We were wrong.

In the past I have literally been provoked against Mark and Primal Craft, for well over two years, which has led me to make libellous comments and abusive remarks that I now see were unjustified. My actions have caused much harm.I was aided in some of my mistakes by James Dunn who through such actions, became associated with our community.

The misinformation I brought to this community also led to the participation by other members who, by going off of what information myself and James Dunn spread here, engaged negatively with members of the Primal Craft and other Hekatean communities. This was wrong, and on behalf of Jonathan, Kris Marks, Nightshade, Sybil Mason, and others, I unreservedly apologize. I am sorry. I should not have misled you either.

On behalf of our community, I wish to personally apologize to Mark for libeling him and involving him in this situation that I first thought to be truthful. I now accept these claims as completely baseless and without any merit. The harm we have caused you is completely unacceptable.

To Atlanta, my comments and photo were incorrect and wrong, which I also apologize for. I have no personal quarrel with you. My remarks were unbecoming of an occultist so despite whatever others may have said about them, I was still wrong to reiterate it here. I hereby retract all my former accusations and have personally asked the administrator Sybil Mason to remove the offending thread, which she agreed to, as well as to ban the original poster James Dunn, who I believe was also another element of the Yuri and Asenath agenda.

In the best interest of peace and a healthy environment among occultists, I also wish to extend my full apology to Jeff Cullen and Laurie Bizzarro of the Hekatean communities, as well as Matthew Robson and Raven Orthaevelve for bringing their names needlessly into this argument here and on Facebook. For the things I have said about you and have done, I am sorry. I retract all statements in regards to allegations of abuse again, unreservedly.

As a community, it is not our intent to bother those following Primal Craft, or any other Hekatean currents. I understand this has been orchestrated by others outside of this community to sow discord between us. We will cease any offensive remarks on this or any other platform. My actions have reflected poorly on this community and its Current, and collectively we need to do better.

On behalf of everyone on vampirismforum.com and within the Asetianist community, I wish for things to be made right, for a better understanding and communication between all parties in the future. Genuinely.
Rhea Kaye
Rhea Kaye

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