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Post by Waterlily 13.08.22 9:29

The witch wound effects us all. It was created during the time of the witch trials. It was then used to effect the whole collective in not speaking up, not showing differences from others and making us keep quiet. It was about Control of us thru fear buried in our subconscious.

It took our true voice from us and some of our power without us even realizing this.

Your power is still their waiting to awaken. If your are an Asetian from past lives no one can take this from you. If you are a witch your power is also there waiting to awaken.

Also you do not need anyone to help you awaken your power it has always been their waiting for you to use it and unleash it.

Anyone must realize the huge amount of control that they have tried to keep us under. Also books do not always hold all the truth for their is always an element of control to shape history to their way. Their is always a mole somewhere in every society not one of them has ever been perfect.

Think for yourself and realize September will be an awakening month for all.


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