The Soul and Spirit are separated at death.

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The Soul and Spirit are separated at death. Empty The Soul and Spirit are separated at death.

Post by adrenochrome_rush 28.08.22 12:09

Humphrey J Moses of Brown University in Rhode Island has split the quantum wave function of an electron in a liquid helium medium using a laser, research based on Ninthly and Saunders of Minnesota University. This means the quantum wave function of a particle can be cut in half or doubled depending on your viewpoint.

At death the quantum wave function of the human is split into Ba and Ka, Spirit and Soul by the rupture of the energy bodies. A laser is just raising the energy level of an electron but Theodore Kaluza a Prussian bettered Einstein’s General Relativity by extending the theory of gravity in 4 dimensions to 5 dimensions by including Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism.

Einstein’s General Relativity is a special case of Kaluza’s General Relativity in which light is gravity in 5 dimensional space. One can think of the rupture of the human energy body as exposing the bounded system of a 4D quantum wave function to the 5th dimension, this splits the human wave function into two, the Soul and the Spirit. They go their separate way if the Soul is bound to the ADR 12 Aeon Archon Psi-prison.

What happens though if the human Soul is free and not imprisoned in the 12 Aeon Psi-prison as found in Shamans, non Westerners and Psi-Masters?

Ancient Egyptian Sorcery: Death and the Afterlife.

To look at what happens to non Westerners not in the ADR let us look at ancient Egyptian knowledge. The ancient Egyptians recognised there were two types of Awareness after death, the Ka and Ba, Soul and Spirit. What the Pharaohs strove to do was conjoin their Ka and Ba, Soul and Spirit to become a vehicle for Awareness after death so they could propagate their Awareness long after death.

The advent of death reduces all humans to the same base equality. Egyptian Pharaohs went to extraordinary lengths to prepare for the afterlife. Shamans spend all their life tuning their Awareness to beat death. Psi-Lords transcend death.

The Illuminati have taken all Westerners in the Psi-prison the 12 Aeon Psi-Hell during life and possessed them with damned human Souls and demons to define the end point of all Westerners. Why

We have seen the physical and biophysical fields of humans can be seen as quantum mechanical total wave functions acting as quantum computers. The physical fields are the morphogenic fields that control DNA and, the biophysical fields control the mind and Soul. By defining the starting point and end point of the Soul as the 12 Aeon Psi-prison the Archons make sure that all Westerners upon death are sucked into the 12 Aeon Psi-prison as they are there already.

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