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Post by Sybil Mason 26.10.22 9:39

We frequently receive contacts from the press around the globe about interviews, documentaries and other media pieces, asking for our participating, curation or advice. We usually don't publish them in the forum but given that our administration has a policy of no public interviews released I am hereby extending the invitation to regular forum members wishing to participate and provide an unbiased mature perspective that may positively contrast what other more eager players tend to accomplish.

Please only serious initiates and practitioners related with the Asetian tradition apply.

Hello! My name is Maria and I'm a reporter from The US Sun.

I'm writing a story about real-life vampires and wanted to reach out and see if there were any members of the vampirism forum who'd be willing to have a chat with me and share some of their experiences.

I'd love to send some questions via email or schedule a phone call with anyone who's interested in speaking to me.


You can contact Maria at

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