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Post by Demonia 15.08.12 12:19

Daniel09 wrote:You might even find some who simply can't get enough of highly energetic scents coming from different people.

for me the scent is a really big deal... i wont go near you if your natural scent offends.. its like an indicator of tainted energy in most cases... but if the scent is intoxicating, its hard for me not to take a bit of energy for a taste.

how i see it, a fetish is a mental thing. its brought on by your own thoughts and expectations. an actual craving happens on its own without you being able to control it happening. you could be in the middle of anything and all the sudden it just happens. a fetish is something you think about.
in a way its hard to understand a craving unless you've experienced it firsthand. you could kind of mirror it to a food craving i suppose, but its deeper than that.

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physical features  - Page 2 Empty Re: physical features

Post by Lafaeyette 15.08.12 12:45

Demonia, how would you describe the craving? Like a thirst? Or perhaps like your body begins to have certain adverse reactions around the source of what you crave (headaches, nausea etc.)?
So distasteful scents are like signs of tainted energy sources? Is it a physical scent - as in the personal scent everyone has - or something more metaphysical?


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