The Djehuty of the Crocodile.

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The Djehuty of the Crocodile. Empty The Djehuty of the Crocodile.

Post by Kalb 06.02.11 10:35

We all know the timeframe of Djehuty's, so I will concentrate only on the Djehuty of the Crocodile. The world really has changed. The woman is no longer valued and the man became the great and powerful leader, and it is precisely that Christianity begins to grow. I will concentrate on Christianity because it was the largest religion in the world and because I am surrounded by Christians. It is obvious that the mind of Sethian view does not support women warriors and leaders! Throughout Christian history there is 264 popes, and the last pope do not fooling anyone.
The aim of dominating the world by Sethian vision was achieved. Including the game of doctor and patient, the famous 8 crusades. The Church, hungry for expansion, devoted to the colonial conquest. Priests found alongside with the Spanish conquistadors. It was the priests who organized the slave trade. In some periods, translating the Bible into a language understood by the people was a crime that could cost lives. Over 2,000 people were tricked and tortured. The time of the Inquisition was an aberration. During years of torture and deception. Libraries were destroyed, forcibly converted thousands - "Either convert to Christianity or die." Sethians enjoyed with humanity all this time. Christianity has the greatest book of maxism in the world. Very Happy
In name of God men violated children, women, and killed without any respect for others. The monotheism was the main responsible for the ignorance, it makes sense, so the story could be forgotten, until the year 2.000, the Asetians back in an unexpected and powerful way. The Asetians give us a magnificent and magical book, Asetian Bible, showed what the world would need to know, show us a way of inspiring and the beauty of life. The Asetians arrived and showed some of his knowledge to the world. The Asetians showed that knowledge is important and it is through him that we should make our choices. Unlike Sethians that the only thing they did was to hold people to their one God.

Things will slowly regain their true form ...With the death of monotheism.

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The Djehuty of the Crocodile. Empty Re: The Djehuty of the Crocodile.

Post by AndreiaLi 17.02.11 6:49

I imagine that had be a very rough time for all Asetians, especially for the ones that were "born" in that Djehuty.... oh well at least in the end of it things begun to change like you said.

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