Sethians, the Children of Seth. (Basic Concepts)

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Sethians, the Children of Seth. (Basic Concepts) Empty Sethians, the Children of Seth. (Basic Concepts)

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During the times of the Sep Tepy, Seth was one of the Gods on Earth, ruling over a kingdom in the far desert and in the South, unlike the Asetians that ruled Kemet along the shores in the Nile, the Asetian Empire, that would later be known as Egypt. In his desires for power and rulership, he fought the Asetians for the throne of Kemet (Egypt). Just like Aset did, he created an immortal bloodline, known as the Sethians. They are otherkin beings as well, and seen as the second vampiric bloodline in history by many. Seth and his followers founded a group that was later to be known as the Red Order of Seth. Since the times of Old Egypt they stive to conquer the powers of Isis and to destroy her beloved Children, the Asetians. During the ancient times the ROS and the AK battled in a series of mighty confrontations known as the Epic Wars, that lasted more than centuries. Nowadays these battles are silent and secret, but endure still... the Sethians' quest for the Throne of Aset.

Just like the Aset Ka, the Red Order of Seth endured since immemorial times, in secret and hidden in the shadows of this world. Its peak of power was during the Medieval Ages, where the manipulative outlets and influence of the order was spread all around the globe, controlling societies in silence, using the big monotheistic religions of the world as puppets to accomplish their own thirst for power.

In those days, the Aset Ka had one of the biggest armies in the world, but they could even
be outnumbered by the Sethian hordes together with their allies from the South. However,
war was never about numbers, and the colossal Epic Wars would come to an end under the
power of a much smaller army, but a far greater force, known as the Imperial Guard, the
most devastating force that any battle has ever witnessed on Earth. This was Aset’s private
army, and not only highly trained Asetians were part of those forces, but some older
creatures… daemons of the ancient world.

- Asetian Bible

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