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Post by Maxx on 18.12.11 9:57

That topic was certainly thrown off topic or out the window....and you can certainly see at that time, I was to blame. Entirely my fault.

2012 in my view is nothing but a way of changing frames, just like going into another year from the one in the past. Or going into another Djehuty timeframe. But I do believe there will be great opportunities to grab a hold of great knowledge that is increasing at such a rapid pace. Mankind may very well turn over and wake up to enable the body as a whole to become more aware of our spiritual nature. This I am attaching my focus toward.

As far as Atlantis and the accounts of that element, I referr to it with my understanding that it existed even earlier than the first accounts in Egypt of advanced understanding. The Asetian Bible speaks of this knowledge transferred from the Gods to the human element. I personally think the Gods were the makers of the higher thinking and production that touches upon the myths and stories told of Alantis and Mu.......Ancient accounts and records record things like societies of 100,000 years back and more.

I am sorry you found no interest in the movie and it bored you. I certainly feel bad in presenting anything of a boring nature here for anyone.

War is War...seems to be much of human nature. But some of my statements may be new for some in that area, so my offereing in that area may be of interest to some new members. I certainly wish to inform only.

The illuminati that you mention, I feel really, is nothing but a topic to help center the populations of the world and keep the focus away from actual elements and happenings. When there is always something to stir up and illustrate chaos, like war and political intrigue, you can keep the focus on other items while you design and build your own structure without confrontation.


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