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Dead and Flat lined on Monitor Empty Dead and Flat lined on Monitor

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Today I received a phone call from a person I have known over a few years. He had had open heart surgery and died while on the op table during a 30 hour ordeal. He called me to ask me what in the heck he saw ..(He knows Uncle Fester is kind of a different type of guy compared to other people he knows).. He was in ICU for 12 days after the ordeal and then put in a room with another guy that had similar experiences. The nurses as well as the guy next to my friend asked him had anything been happening to him that was strange ...only the person in the bed next to him did he tell some of his story.

He could not understand what happened as he would have his eyes closed and hear and see hundreds of people in what seemed like the other side but blend in a little with this physical. His bed rolled out the door with him on it and rolled down the hallway and past the nurses station and into another MRI room when he viewed a row of 4 machines. He then would roll back into his room...other times he would be in a wheel chair and he would roll out into the hallway and go into another room. Other times he would be on his bed and he would have his bed roll through the wall and go into another room....Other times he would be lying with eyes closed and have a curtain around his bed where no way could he see into the nurses area where a tv was on. He said he watched many movies on that tv that he had never heard of before and described many of them. He watched these movies with his eyes closed while to tv set was in another area.

He said one day he rolled out in the wheel chair (he stated they never put him in a wheel chair at all) and he rolled out into the open area in front of the hospital while it was raining, and never got wet.

He saw two females there all the time around the hospital area......and the same two females did the other guy view in the same way....and the other guy told he saw the same colors of clothes and eyes on these ladies...One was a caucasian lady that had on very brilliant white clothes and had hair the same way in the age range of about 35. The other was a black lady in golden clothes and she appeared in her early 20's. They both had eyes that glowed in a combo of blue/dark brown together...he said it is hard to describe. The two ladys never spoke to him but just stood there and smiled at him and nodded their affirmative all the time.

After he went back for tests with his doctors he found it very strange that the two rooms mentioned above he was taken into the exact same area and saw how he had seen it earlier although he had never physically been taken there.

He said, "I don't know what the hell happened there or what I was seeing". Other things he mentioned that did happen were even more remarkable....but too long for your reading time here.......

What I did was refer him to the most excellent reading material.....light and quick.....with the best exercises for opening the third eye and for beginning astral travel I have ever seen......I downloaded these on kindle for $2.99 each. The site is and they are also available on amazon....the books are by Dr Jill Ammon Wexler who has 45 years working in these fields from a spiritual/science base.

Books are titled....Pineal Gland & Your Third Eye.....and the other is Beginning Astral Travel.....Each has fantastic exercises in them and they are about 100 pages. Fantastic material for those who are beginning and they WILL work for you....

Other places sell all kinds of stuff with high prices.....but this is a worthwhile endeavor.

I steered the dead man coming back from the flat line to teach him what had happened to him and what to expect when he leaves this physical playground. He is now hooked and cannot get enough as he is doing these exercises daily...and everything is really easy for him now.



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