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Post by DeonMalik91 28.02.14 22:18

Greetings everyone! My name's Deon. It's an honor to be amongst you all in a community where I can expound upon knowledge I've ascertained in my travels and actually have those who may be able to assist me in things I still have yet to experience. I seek not answers but rather understanding of certain questions, that has opened up my mind to understand things from a nothingness in our innate abilities. I am human (from my understanding I suppose) if that means anything in here. This particular incident that I have had along with many other incidents and my stories I'd like to share involve things I've yet to personally meet anyone have happen to and even remotely have the slightest clue as to what I mean w.o incessant doubt from their belief system filtering out what I am saying. At this point in the past few years naturally I know any real knowledge and wisdom will not be from public consumption or advertising as everything that happened to me happened naturally and an unexpectedly, so to be able to share this is profound for me.

2012 was the kick start of many new things and divine magickal incidents that happened to me and awoke things in me that's only grown exponentially from then until now. I'd like to express during this time I had been smoking pot a lot as I felt I was on the brink of major breakthroughs that I'd been feeling my whole life so I found myself smoking strictly for research from within. I found I was channel writing a lot of information in this state of mind heavy during March, and April... which might I add for the past 5 years, these two months are always highly influential towards the unfolding for the rest of my year in a puzzle piece like format. I feel this doesn't make a difference as I've never EVER had this happen before smoking or not smoking and haven't had it since happen, but a pal of mine had "portland weed" (if you know about it, from what I'd seen it was bright green, very sticky and the dankest smell I've yet to smell from any weed since you could smell it in the plastic from across the room) and I'd decided to try it since he offered. Before this incident happened I found myself constantly and randomly moving in places I'd never been, and having to resort to adjusting constantly. A lot happened personally and I began accepting responsibility for every action, and having this huge surge of faith and energy flowing through me. I remember on various occasions feeling this reality feel very dreamy/dreamlike and noticing certain things that made me feel like I was walking around in a canvas painting that people were trapped in, at the same time existing on. Around this time I had been having what I'd thought @ the time was "sleep paralysis" or making up in my mind thats demons were sitting on me every night as I'd vibrate heavily so much my bed would rumble and shake violently. This occurred even when I wasn't sleeping and I'd be sitting down and feel this happen to me. So around the time when I was at my buddies house things would look like the walls and were breathing and my surroundings looked like they had depth vs this 2d piece of paper like view I'd been so used to seeing things before years prior.

I decided to smoke the "portland" as I was taking notes on etheric techniques and something odd happened. For one I was smoking the blunt however it was just burning away very fast, and I couldn't tell if I was even smoking because I didn't feel anything. My doubts soon dissipated as I'd see I was blowing smoke out but minus any feeling my nerves created for the physical feeling of inhalation, or for that matter the "cloudy/hazy" feeling you get from smoking that leaves you spaced out. All feelings of smoking was inexplicably gone. However the only feeling I could feel was electricity. A lot. My body felt electrical crackles surging from within as this power just manifested from my heart And with each inhalation this was the only feeling I felt. I felt like my heart was being charged up with energy. Shortly after the blunt was gone I sat there wondering what that whole ordeal was about since I felt like I smoked like a chimney and yet felt nothing. Even more so WHY was my heart reacting that way when it never did before. I also was in awe at the fact that though my heart felt like it was charging up from within a essence I hadn't felt as strong as that moment before, I thought I'd be experiencing my high. Instead what happened was the opposite. I did get "High" but in a sense where the weed didn't control me or just leave me in a state where I was just relax and on auto-pilot. I began feeling my body get filled with light... and I felt very hollow on the inside. I also just had this KNOWING of consciousness that couldn't explain what was going on but KNEW what to do. I decided to experiment because this "light" feeling was the word light in its fullest context. I felt light, like the sun was beaming on me but from within, I felt light as if i weighed 90lbs vs 145 lbs, and my thoughts were more focused and lucid. I indeed knew that somehow the weed responded as more an antibody or energy supplement than its usual depressant feeling, so I got up and decided to do some experimenting since I felt very energetic, but in a controlled and calm way that I never could fathom before.

I went outside the apartment and that warm fuzzy feeling that rushes from your head to toe when you feel a certain way from something, felt as if I could control voluntarily and it started from the center of my brain it felt like. I "pushed" this energy from my brain through my entire body and I felt myself "leap" a layer in reality, that I instantly assessed as a separate plane of existence I was vibrating on. In doing so I felt a chunk of weight knock itself off of my body and I felt my confidence rise dramatically and a huge peace I've never felt before come with it. More so my belief system changed as my mind felt more open like it had less restrictions. I felt as if I could do anything. So I took it a step further and "pushed" this energy again deeper and I felt power and it shot from my heart and brain that I observed as my mind actually doing this. I was now on the 2nd plane of existence and with it I felt a huge power and this understanding came in that I felt like I wasn't really my body and I didn't live in this body either. It began to feel like a envelope that my essence could carry to drag this body with energy and move it with that energy; I'd just never before used this "will" to operate on.
As I did this the civilians around me and those in the car began to all sort of turn their attention towards me.I could feel a shift in energy rising as they all began to feel hostile because the inside of me began to feel disgusting from whatever I felt coming from them. So I decided to "jump back down 2 planes" to where I was before.

Instantly, I felt my weight return and I felt heavy and groggy and everyone looked their 'normal selves' again. It was here I realized this plane was the lowest frequency that I'd lived in all life and was dark and mundane. So I walked down the street some more looking around to see if anyone was looking @ me again. They weren't staring @ me off and on but I definitely felt this awareness of knowing they know what I was doing and what I was. I decided to raise my vibrations again and in doing so I felt Light once more. I felt brighter; even my surroundings began to light up more because the street lamps and traffic lights were surging off and on and thats when I knew things were getting real and nothing was even more what I thought it was. As I took this power higher my weight felt so light it soon began to feel as if I were nearly floating since my movement became more fluid and graceful and sharp. However this time everyone was literally staring at me as they drove by in their cars and were walking down the street in one direction but their heads fixed upon me like a target. This frightened me and I brought it down again deciding to experiment more, as I was fascinated with these powers. I felt like I was everything the more I raised my frequency and could do anything however feeling this way I felt a huge wave overcome me of wanting to manipulate everyone with this power. Primarily because another affect I was feeling was a huge time difference. When I would jump planes I felt as if 2 seconds here became 20 seconds because I was moving extremely fast in correspondence to the civilians, but when I would move in their plane my weight would be the barrier that kept me moving at the speed they would walk. The other half of me began speaking telling me to respect others balance, and thats when I knew I was battling my ego to do one thing and act upon another. I called a girl I knew and told her I was coming over to have sex with her in a bold manner knowing I've NEVER done nothing like that before and she resisted but with this confidence I had I knew i could enact upon any thought and they had no choice. She gave in after a few quips I dropped on her and I said I'd be over in 5 minutes experimenting with the fact it took 30 minutes to get their by train. I knew I would "jump planes" to get there more quickly and this is what I did when I boarded the train. I ought to note that when I would come back to the lowest plane I felt all the energy that would release when I jumped planes contain back within me, but it was difficult to hold since the energy made me feel like this huge magnet thats natural order was to push out from within, not contain what was within. I assume people could feel me holding back when I came down to this plane because they took heed of me but passively until I would raise my vibration and they would all stare. The next peculiar thing to happen was the fact that when I was on the train when I would jump planes the train got brighter and at a certain point the people began to disappear and the appearance of the train began to alter. I also noticed someone else on the train standing in all black who was a very pale male at the other end of the train smirking at me. A silent understanding overcame and I couldn't believe my eyes with what I was seeing so I came down to the lowest plane again and the male was gone. But when I raised them again there he was and everyone on the lower plane disappeared. Frightened and not wanting to take this any further I brought myself back down again and before you knew it I was off of the train, and heading to the college the girl I was going to see was at and that indeed was very fast. I knew I was moving through this worlds time frame at a higher speed but at a different frequency, and I didn't know what was about to become of it or how long I was going to be able to do this. When I arrived at the college there was a dog and a security guard in the lobby. As soon as I walked inside the dog instantly looked my way and began growling and the walkie talkies from the security guard went haywire with frequency changes. The lights in the lobby would static off & on and the tv monitor filming from the security camera wasn't displaying properly either. I wanted to see how high I could take the planes so I jumped unto the 4th plane and thats when the room got really bright, the lights were going crazy and EVERYBODY in that lobby all looked at me. It reminded of the scene in inception when Leonardo DiCaprio told the guy he was dreaming when they were @ the bar and everyone stopped talking and looked directly @ him. Or when he told the girl in his dream they get hostile when you change something in my subconscious. The dog was growling viciously and the security guard holding him was on his haywire walkie talkie alerting someone of me. The guards at the lobby desk all stared at me in a trance to see what I was going to do. I felt as if they were about to lunge my way at any moment and attack me or bring more people to attack me because it was all silent other than the dog and the noise from the electrical appliances they had. When I brought myself back down they all robotically assumed their posts once more as if what I just did didn't happen having meaningless conversation with whoever yet still slightly looking @ me.
To make a long story short (since the night got even more crazier and occurrences of this nature began up until now) I could focus on different people in the room and ... make them... say or do what I wanted them to do . I balanced myself because I easily felt knowing this power could go to my head if I manipulated others and I also wanted to respect the balance, yet apart of me wanted to keep going deeper. Out of fear I didn't however and didn't want to find out what everyone was going to do if I kept going deeper in jumping planes. I've never had this happen exactly like that til this day and I felt w.e happened showed me whats really going on. I definitely felt like that was the Matrix movie in my reality but not to the propensity of seeing THAT and knowing... this is serious... lol
Quite a few conclusions was made that day and solidified a lot so I would definitely love to ask any of you what was the meaning of this... have any of you experienced this, and what would happen continuing in this path? I've always wanted to "fly" and that incident stemmed an entire journey of understanding my purpose to do the inconceivable and live beyond a means that relies on any 3/4 process the system would like me to live with everyone else.

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Post by Maxx 01.03.14 15:13

"Many are the vistas that are revealed to those who have attained the mountaintop.''

I suggest you do the work to enable one to attain a focused goal without the use of the props.  Otherwise one has not attained anything.........

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