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Post by Lupus de Umbras 29.03.14 12:44

I t came to my attention recently,courtesy of the esteemed Egyptologist,Dr Carmen Boulter on a radio interview,that the Moronic Brotherhood had attempted to blow up The Great Pyramid of Khufu.They attempted this by placing explosives inside a VW camper van,which was in turn disguised as a rock (???).Both were placed on a flatbed truck.Fortunately the plot was foiled.

However,along with widespread looting of sites,is this a taste of things to come?I suppose there is the reassurance of military government which,if nothing else, seeks to re-stablish law and order.Furthermore,it might be fanciful to conjecture that there might be some sort of Sethian plan to this.Or maybe it's just mere opportunism?
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