Feeding as winemaking?

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Feeding as winemaking? Empty Feeding as winemaking?

Post by Primus Erebus Magnus 23.07.14 10:05

I love wine and winemaking. Smile

I think:
- life force is like wine;
- energy work is like winemaking;
- "normal" people (no energy workings, not vampires) have worse wines in themselves, they can't restore or cultivate their life force
- people are like bottles;
- the vampire blend other wines in himself / herself to achieve better quality;
- vampires can drink other wines.

(I'm crazy, I know. Very Happy )

Tasting is another thing: many of us cannot really feel the qualities of others' life force.
But, in fact, it's very important!

Feeding without tasting is... barbaric.
And it can be dangerous, too. Bad quality can damage your energy system.

We must appreciate the life force, and respect ourselves by not absorbing anything, at random.

So what do you think about this "feeding philosophy"?
Primus Erebus Magnus
Primus Erebus Magnus

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Feeding as winemaking? Empty Re: Feeding as winemaking?

Post by Dai_Moon 01.02.15 11:37

It makes perfect sense on my end, and I love that philosophy. And I love my wine!

But I do notice different energetic properties in foods, homes, and of course... wine. Its very important to honor the energy you take in. Its what sustains you.

As quoted by Luis Marques, "May the Ka be with your Ba."



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Feeding as winemaking? Empty Re: Feeding as winemaking?

Post by Stapleraindrop 01.02.15 12:55

All beings, when interacting are exchanging energy in some way shape or form, most often unconsciously. In special cases, such as emotional or romantic/sexual bonds, 2 energy bodies become linked moreso than the usual. When a linked pair acts, they will exchange energy on a deeper level. In a 'deep' conversation, when you reveal repressed feelings or something of the sort, you are exchanging much more energy than when talking about sports for example.

Also wine is made of grapes fermenting in a barrel. Life force is so much more... flexible. It can change with mood, feeling, or even environmental factors. I guess if you want to look at the Ba as wine, it is sort of a constant, being the soul of a person.

If you've read the Asetian bible a practice known as filtering can, as is the word, filter out the crap from a lower quality energy. According to the bible though, an Asetian would be more likely to feed from, or within his own kind. The concubines are kind of an exception to this rule, but filtering is specifically mentioned in their chapter.

From a non Asetian perspective though, I don't think leeches would be so picky, but hey, you never know.

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Feeding as winemaking? Empty Re: Feeding as winemaking?

Post by Troublemaker 01.02.15 16:40

As for your theory that people who don't do energy work and are not vampires have a worse... taste? to their energy... I'm not entirely sure I can agree with that. What about unawakened individuals who do, in fact, have an excellent soul but still haven't acknowledged the subtle world around them? Many people I interact with do not have spiritual lives at all, do not interact with energy, and definitely aren't vampires... yet, their energy seems okay most of the time.

I will say that coming into contact with people, I can sort of "taste" their energy now. This is why I've become so extremely antisocial, even more so than before. If there are too many people I can sense, it feels like steel wool grating against me.

Ever taste a cup of water that has been sitting on your counter for a week? That's what the energy of some people feels like for me. Icky... and I need to learn how to block some of that out. Sorry for the block of text... was trying to explain how, on some level, I do see what you mean...

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Feeding as winemaking? Empty Re: Feeding as winemaking?

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