Evocation (spirits, thoughtforms, etc)

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Evocation (spirits, thoughtforms, etc) Empty Evocation (spirits, thoughtforms, etc)

Post by Primus Erebus Magnus 24.07.14 7:16

So we've already talked about the Art of Evocation.

What is Evocation? It's "the act of calling or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition".

This is one of my favourite style, so I thought I'll ask You:
Have you ever tried it?
Do you have any experience in summoning?
Primus Erebus Magnus
Primus Erebus Magnus

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Evocation (spirits, thoughtforms, etc) Empty Re: Evocation (spirits, thoughtforms, etc)

Post by Saylamine 04.08.14 15:46

Hi Primus. Thanks for your post. I have been working towards learning evocation under a system of the Western Mystery tradition. It has been a challenge, but worthwhile. I have had success working with evocations under other traditions, with the help of others, and that, for me, continues to be a learning process. The most difficult part personally has been learning the structure and order of ritual. But, it is rewarding.

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