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Post by Triumph 18.06.16 10:32

Hello everyone!

As you can tell by my new account I'm new on this forum! You can call me Triumph!

I'm a vampire that can feed on both energy and blood.

As my occult background... I have interacted with spirits and other similar beings (as well as others not so similar!). I tend to be really sensitive to energy in general like emotions, feelings, intentions, energy present in the environment, etc... I have also discovered that I can manipulate it with ease, even though I am only learning!

Nice to meet you!


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Hello there! Empty Re: Hello there!

Post by thenerdiestwitch 18.06.16 23:33

Hello, Triumph!

I literally just got to the forum right before you did, but I wanted to take the time to wish you welcome and say hello!

And I think really that we're all just learning - it's my firm belief that when one stops learning, they stop growing, so ideally you'll be learning forever. So, no hard feelings about still figuring things out, yeah?

I don't consider myself vampiric, though I can "feed" off of energy if I need to - but I will still offer my ears and mind to any questions you might have, or for the sake of casual conversation. Keep in mind, there are some subjects I simply won't know about, but if you ever need assistance with anything, I'll at least do my best to point you in the right direction if nothing else. Smile

Hoping this finds you well!

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