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Post by BornAgainChristian 01.10.16 6:47

Look I don't know how many meds or drugs I was on when I made that post. All I know is I'm smoking less and eating and consuming a lot less too. I think,I'm gonna have,a peaceful death. Hopefully on my knees wired up to leathalities. But I'm no vampire. I'm just an ordinary kid who's okay at music. I will spend my days in this test from God we call life and take my new model med rations and NHS help. Thank you.
Aaron Colin Adams.


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From:who was "singer Aaron" Empty Re: From:who was "singer Aaron"

Post by Maxx 01.10.16 10:42

Actually, I do not believe this is a place for confession time or making your emotional state feel better. If this is how you see it, I do not think you are up to par with what goes on around your life and are slow in adapting. I suggest you find a good used car salesman to visit and do your confession time over inhale most are good at that. Good luck.

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