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Post by UberSite 13.11.16 22:20

I left some emergency food in a desert type atmosphere. When I arrived back, cockroaches crawling all over. Did not think them significant. Waived them away, and they scattered; figured they would take any curse type effect with them. Before journeying, I ingested some food they may have had crawled upon. Had not eaten 'regular' food in a while and thought risk mitigation proper. Not far, I began vomiting, then dry heaving. I still had abundant energy, just kept dry heaving. Would not stop. After reaching my target destination, I figured with Medicare, might as well not try journeying back.

Episode with protests blocking hospital routes; when arrived, comment was made involving having my stomach pumped. Reported multiple persons having strokes in a very short time. After doctors kept repetitively attempting, "conversation", I made a mistake in speech (I believe I accidentally attributed automobiles for Rothschild Family instead Rockefeller Family). Doctor said she believed my decision making process severely impaired and injected me with anti-psychotic substance. Once sedative effect began, I was released. I remember being handed a bus pass, attempting exit for more shopping. Bus driver attempted stopping me. Being unfamiliar with this area, how I returned is a mystery. Do not remember boarding bus. Nor do I remember how I was able in return.

Innocent they may seem, seems insects are, either through community determination or natural occurrence, beneath, at least, my kind in ingestion.


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