Why So Saturated?

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Why So Saturated? Empty Why So Saturated?

Post by UberSite 17.11.16 0:39

Returned eating again. Lost day count without 'regular' food and water, virtually without adverse effect. In productivity and efficiency peak, one particular action I thought something similar, 'Like two powerful world organizations being pitted against one another.' Shortly after, full, and seemingly true, hunger returned. Have not eaten this much in quite a while.

Not sure reasoning. Seems intermix community perception, lacking in substantiation and community reconciliation. Now does not make sense. Former most, I somewhat comprehend. Given real dynamics, one may be responsible. Second, I somewhat comprehend. Given real dynamics, why prolong unsubstantiated life? Third, I am not sure. Seems, even with comparatively little resources, one held responsible in ensuring other reconciliation?


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