The Prisma and the Kaleidoscope

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The Prisma and the Kaleidoscope Empty The Prisma and the Kaleidoscope

Post by Lynskha 29.11.17 12:58

There is a concept used by Luis Marques to describe the variety of things we can learn. I have been able to feel it for myself, while exploring the diversity of subjects related to many things of my interest.

This concept he uses is a Spiritual Kaleidoscope.

Today I was wondering about another object, I will mention before talking about the kaleidoscope. It is the prisma.

I was thinking about the way we receive knowledge, the way we absorb, the way we reflect. How it "enters" us, in a single white ray, but this ray, actually contains different layers.

Also, not thinking about how this energy gets to us, but the prisma representing, in this case, Asetianism for me, it is able to show how diverse and how beautiful this Path is.

It is not a Unique "ray" , but when seen through the prisma, we can see how linked to many other things it is, and how enhancing it can be, as it puts us in contact to a variety of teachings.

Now, about the kaleidoscope, I can say I even smiled when I read about this concept, in the Violet Throne.

Looking at our Journey, formed by tiny different crystals, we build it. When we turn the kaleidoscope, these crystals are able to form new images.

If we have just a single color, a single crystal, inside this kaleidoscope, we won't have anything else but a static image. So as we add more and more, we can build different forms.

The interesting thing is not only about adding, because, again, if we just add things, they will be stagnated, A still image. And if we try to keep on just adding, there will be a moment that it won't fit anymore, we won't be able to move, to change the image, it may even break....

But when we are able to see how many pieces can fit, what are the interesting ones to be placed there, and more important, the ACTION of turning it, we will always have new images, even if formed by the same pieces.

We will have a different point of view, of concepts that we already know, but then we are able to explore again.

So, I am a person that has always admired freedom of thought. Ways that show you that we are responsible for our acts, our learnings.
Nothing that claims to be the Ultimate Truth sounds good to me, that tries to tie you.

The Universe is multifaced. Its manifestation is an infinite kaleidoscope image being changed everytime there is a turn.

The kaleidoscope not only forms the images, but also reflects them.
It is an infinite connection of things, beautiful and breathless energy.
And We are the Universe.

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