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Post by Niani 19.05.18 15:54

I don't normally share my poetry as it is definitely darker in nature and tends to raise brows, but considering the locale....

I don't expect feedback, but please feel free to share any comments or constructive criticism. Smile


It’s waking
An animal unleashed
Feral, enduring
Between man and beast
The line is blurring
Under the skin
And mocking
With a lupine grin

She hangs low
Kissing the black
Pinned in her steely glow
No going back…

Tooth to fang
Hand to claw
She takes reign
Mouth to maw
Twisting flesh
Grinding bone
It boils the blood
It murders the home

She is a silvery flood
Upon the woodland
A demanding beacon
A fiery brand

It tears through the trees
On a wintry night
A hunter’s glee
Setting ravens in flight
Every scent
Every sound
Carried on cruel winds
Every whimper for mercy
Crushed by snarls of sin
A final howl
And the beast runs free again…


Ready your barbs
And take your aim
Everything you are
Against the grain
Can’t imagine what
Made you this way…

You can’t hide
What I’ve found,
In a silver circle round
Silly girl,
Reflections never die…

Fallacies lurk
In the most honest
Of faces
In the light
Unable to shake it

Swallow the lie
Look away
Choking on pride
No battles today
The damage is done
I am not
The only one
Afraid to look beneath –
The mask and
The fa├žade
Longing to smash
This sick charade

The games you play
Raise the stakes!
Heedless of
The lives you take
And twist and turn
I’m sure you’ll have company
When you burn

Kaleidoscope memories
Clash behind my eyes
The ghosts of melodies
Tainting my dreams
Poisoning my high
The real me
In a silver circle round
Silly girl,
Reflections never die.


What if I was afraid of falling
Of the warm dark that was calling
Growling my name from somewhere I’ve never been
What if I was fearless and galling
Would that be welcome or appalling -
Should I go on fighting or finally give in?

Fool's Gold

Fairy lights all around
Dancing with the jolly crowd
Mimicking a mirth I can’t feel
From the balcony I saw her hand in yours
And how you hung on the curve of her smile
Now all I can do is count my blessings
And try not to mourn the loss of fool's’ gold


Syllables and consonants and vowels
Dangling on a string
Ready to be pulled up from the heart
When the moment calls
But my string is knotted
My words aren’t right
All I can do is smile and nod
And make noncommittal noises
Along with the occasional bleat of agreement
Or perhaps sympathy
But then there is the one perfect moment
When I think I find the right words to say
To help you understand
But somehow, they miss their target
Or your attention wavers
And I’m left again
Sipping my coffee
And listening to the rain


These dainty hands are capable of claws
These tender lips can rend flesh
These doe eyes can see the easiest kill
These soft words can roar
Two extremes clashing
Neither one winning
Constantly scrabbling
To be on the surface
So the beast can breathe
And the woman can live

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Post by MysticLightShinethForth 19.05.18 16:38

Wonderful, it was very enjoyable to read both in rhyming and context. It is not always that I look into poetry but this was exquisitely beautiful. Particularly the "Howl"... hehe, considering I have encountered somewhat of a lycanthropic nature within myself.

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