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Temple at Abydos  Empty Temple at Abydos

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From Jonny Enoch...


I already knew that Abydos was an Ascension Temple, because of its three initiation platforms (like Freemasonry or the chambers of the Great Pyramid) with 42 steps associated with Osiris. Another major give away are the reliefs about stargates and SEVEN "false doors" in the Holy of Holies (like planetary bodies) leading to the NETERS or realms of the gods. However, it wasn't until Erzs├ębet pointed out a MFKTZ (monoatomic white gold/spirit fire) relief to me (that she recognized from pictures I had shown her before) that it all started to unravel....I knew exactly what we were looking at and we started to find them EVERYWHERE in this temple.

At first, Mohamed Ibrahim was skeptical about the MFKTZ, but he became convinced after showing us an alchemy relief and then translated the glyphs besides the MFKTZ as "WHITE CAKE"! He then was convinced and started helping us uncover more.

MFKTZ (or Monoatomic white gold) was extracted and eaten by the Egyptian royalty and priests to feed the KA (or light body) and upgraded them to have superhuman capabilities. It was extracted with ancient laboratories (in places of worship or WORKSHIP) using heat and water from the dead sea.

Jane and Jean found all sorts of stars/galaxies and sun discs connecting this place to the gods. Chuck VanderByl kept pointing out the melted or burned blocks around the building and figured they were connected to the Osiron, which has been hypothesized to be a PREDYNASTIC power plant. But he didn't fully understand the burning in the building until Jonathan Hague made an incredible discovery that showed us a room in the back that had blackened walls and a chimney on the roof where they were cooking the MFKTZ (mana/shamana) and eating it. Si Hai then found all sorts of connections to the DJED pillars and alchemical processes for the white gold. And nearly everyone was getting psychic downloads confirming this....

That's when we realized that our group had solved the true purpose of Abydos.

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