I am part of the principle of dual diversity (interesting)

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I am part of the principle of dual diversity (interesting) Empty I am part of the principle of dual diversity (interesting)

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Lynette Asmar
Juno—Hera—Isis—Mistress of Magic
In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Isis is described as 'she who gives birth to heaven and earth. In this work it is she who said: ‘I am Juno, Hera, Isis, that which has been worshipped. Before this world was, I am. I am the balancing influence. I have been worshipped because I promote. I promote nothing. My function will be explained when the time is right. I am part of the principle of dualled diversity.’

In other teachings Isis, the Egyptian goddess, wife of Osiris and mother of Horus is also known as Juno, one of the principle Roman deities. Long worshipped as Queen of Heaven, she was patroness of womanhood generally, but especially of marriage, motherhood, and newly born children. She was also recognized as guardian of the finances of the Roman state, with a temple containing the mint on Capitoline Hill. The month of June, propitious for marriages is named after her.

The Greeks worshiped her as Hera as the wife and sister of Zeus and patroness of life in general and of marriage in particular.

In the Tarot archetypes she is known as THE HIGH PRIESTESS. She is also known as the Archpriestess and the virgin mother of the world. The trident she holds is symbolical of the lower nature raised to the higher. The snakes symbolize the inner forces of relative existence, which appear and again disappear by which the growth of the soul is accomplished. When this happens on all three levels, Kundalini is raised to the crown.

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