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Post by DarksideDownunder 06.03.20 16:23

Hey guys I am a production assistant on this show. It may be of interest as we interview members from the Vampire community.

Trailer Release update!

CHRIS SUN director of BOAR, Charlies Farm presents "The Darkside - Downunder

The Darkside TV Show

The Darkside is the first documentary/reality series that searches for the truths behind some of Australia's notorious folklore's, hauntings, paranormal encounters and Indigenous legends.

Follow Horror Director Chris Sun as he journey’s to locations all across Australia to uncover and experience the legends and tales for themselves.

Boundaries are pushed, comfort levels are squeezed and genuine drama and reality unfold as each episode searches for the truth in the tales.

Bringing on experts in the fields of Extra Terrestrials, Vampires, Devil Worshipers, Yowie Hunters, Exorcists, Cryptozoologists and Paranormal Researchers will provide insiders experience into events that have been labelled as unexplainable or terrifying.

This is a journey not to be missed!

Please visit our YouTube channel to see the first trailer for @the darkside tv show season 1. - The Darkside Downunder

As I can't post links if you google Darkside Downunder on youtube you will see director Chris Sun's page and the trailer for the Darkside. Thanks


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Post by Maxx 06.03.20 16:57

lol.  that is funny.  An expert on Vampires. ha.
Like that expert would know many truths concerning vampires........  when a true Vampire is silent and walks in darkness at all times.  

Another fake to draw attention from the weak-minded fools on the planet.

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