DEMIGOD = Elders??

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DEMIGOD = Elders?? Empty DEMIGOD = Elders??

Post by Tiet 23.07.20 18:05

How did that struggle?.i believe Gods give a chance to humanity and after all, they said we have enough of this world..let humans try to kill each other and we only punished the facts..let them have the power to decide..from what I read I want to share my thoughts with you VF....can Elders be DemiGod.

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DEMIGOD = Elders?? Empty Re: DEMIGOD = Elders??

Post by PLM 24.07.20 22:25

Tiet, I believe it is time for you to do some serious study rather that post questions of this nature. I recommend comparing the different thoughts on God and mankind. Read historical as well as mythical aspects. There is a ton of material available.

I have done so, instead of your God having had enough and allowing humans to kill each other concept. I have come to the conclusion that the fall of the heavens (lack of a better word) did not happen, rather it was the fall of mankind. Human beings, as we all can agree, are emotional beings. With that said, it is human to place blame on an unseen force rather than take responsibility for ones action. Cause and effect are real.

Just something that perhaps will start you to think and research.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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