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The strigoi. Empty The strigoi.

Post by Bomani 14.08.20 23:05

So back in 2017 I started watching this show called The Strain. The premise is essentially that a badass vampiric creature known as The Master and his ever growing army of mindless drones are attempting to take over mankind and turn the human race into cattle. The thing that stuck was the name they were called. Strigoi. Upon looking up the name, i found that, while the tv show changed almost everything about them, it was the name of an old romanian legend. The strigoi, from the very little research i recall, seem to be the root of a lot of modern day vampire hunting and warding techniques. Garlic, coffins, attacking loved ones, it's all there. Im making this post because im going to be doing some seriously in depth research and wanted to see if anyone else has heard of or possibly encountered one. Any replies or leads would be most appreciated.



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