Am I making a big deal about nothing here?

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Am I making a big deal about nothing here? Empty Am I making a big deal about nothing here?

Post by Bomani 28.08.20 21:53

I know that this is a total coincidence and im making a way too superstitious claim here, but hear me out. so a couple weeks ago I was stalking the forum looking for answers about this aset ka faith. from what i got out of a few posts, the god of this religion is named Isis and apparently there is some sort of awakening that happens to one. after reading this i went on a walk to clear my head. the sky was a dark purple, and looked much like the cover of that book i so often criticise. I, for some unknown reason, saw that as a sign. as i was crossing a bridge near my house my eyes transfixed on a leaf that was skidding along the road. the thought came into my head that if that leaf crosses the road line and goes away from me, maybe I was one of those destined to follow in this faith. it went back and forth for a few minutes before inevitably coming to a stop toward me. I grabbed the leaf and was about to throw it over the opposite side when another thought crossed my mind. the thought that if it wasn't real or meant to be, throwing it wouldn't change that. so i just let it go with the wind. the reason I'm writing this is because tonight, I was walking across that same bridge and I saw a leaf in what I initially thought was a spiders web. as I got closer, i realized that there was no way this could be the case, as we are experiencing the after effects of Hurricane Laura and it had been raining steadily for hours. And as i finally approached it i realized it was the same leaf! a bit decomposed yes, but it had the same size shape and holes in the same places as if seen before. I saw this as a sign. I grabbed it once again and held it out in my palm. almost immediately it went across the other side. My question to the people of this forum is, am I just really overreacting over a leaf, or its it truly a sign from something?


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Am I making a big deal about nothing here? Empty Re: Am I making a big deal about nothing here?

Post by Jonathan 29.08.20 4:10

I can't really judge and tell you if that was a sign or not since those experiences are very personal and only you can determine if it was real by the feel of the situation and the energy behind it. It becomes easier with time and experience to detect those signs. What I will say is that was quite an interesting experience and do pay attention to those subtle signs, those are often the ways that higher forces chose to interact with us, nudge and communicate. So don't discard those experiences. Write them down for future consideration. Remain open to the possibility, sometimes things are just too much to be a coincidence and we find answers, clues and hints in how the powers in this current interact with us through symbols and unexpected natural phenomenon.

I for one sometimes wish I could go back in time and experience those things all over again as some of you that are only now starting your journey. It's certainly such a fascinating and inspiring path. After all this time navigating the Asetian current and being confronted with countless of those experiences along the years, even though I still pay attention to the messages and feel that heat of the flame, it lost some of its heart-racing moments of those times when I was starting as well and those experiences were new.


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