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Three head of Set Empty Three head of Set

Post by Tiet 19.10.20 9:36

Everyone has heard the myths about Him and Horus being enemies. About Set sending Osiris to the underworld because He wanted to rule Egypt instead of His brother.
Set was angry and jealous and full of shame. He fought his nephew Horus for control.
Eventually Horus did end up ruling Egypt and Anubis sent Set to the underworld instead. But that’s not actually where the story ends.
While there Ra saw the storm going on inside of Set and took Him aside. He showed loyalty and genuine love for Him despite the bad things He had done.
He gave Set the job of guarding the sacred solar boat that carries the sun everyday. Set’s raw emotion gave Him the strength to vanquish the evil serpent who represents the destruction of the universe.
Set was able to harness His strength towards something positive and it gave Him meaning.
The story reminds me that we are not our past. We work to become new people and the things we did when we were someone else don’t have to follow us forever

“¡Ponte de pie, oh Seth, bienamado de Ra!

¡Permanece en tu lugar en la nave de Ra!

El ha recibido su corazón como justificación.

Tú derrotas a los enemigos de Ra todos los días”

                 (Papiro Vaticano).

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Three head of Set Empty Re: Three head of Set

Post by MysticLightShinethForth 19.10.20 9:45

Care to give credit to who wrote this?

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