I think im going crazy.

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I think im going crazy. Empty I think im going crazy.

Post by Snyder 28.01.21 4:29

This is ridiculous. this is some sort of covid induced schizophrenia. but yet i feel the need to go to a random vampire site and post this. fuck it im going to go ahead and say it. i think im turning into a vampire. there. crazy i know. essentially, im suddenly really sensitive to sunlight. like if i go out on a particularly sunny day for more than five minutes ill have a sunburn for weeks. and i can swear my canines are bigger. like my mouth around them feels like it's more cramped. and ill randomly feel a pulsing sensation in them. I mean that's all relatively normal or a result of the placebo effect right? then last week happened. so i was working at my job stocking shelves at walmart and my coworker cut himself while trying to open a box. I felt drawn to it. i felt the pulsing in my teeth and i got flushed. it was only for a second but it was like a change in the atmosphere. he quickly put a paper towel over it and the feeling stopped. i called in the next day and haven't attempted to work near anyone since. im probably just going insane due to stress or some thing. but i cant shake the feeling something has changed in me. can anyone here please tell me that this is just a figment of my imagination. I just need to be told im crazy.


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I think im going crazy. Empty Re: I think im going crazy.

Post by 8lou1 28.01.21 10:28

I can tell you a lot of things (and most people here prob would say in crazy for replying), but im not going too.

I will give you advise though:
Let go of this vampire idea.
Read up on spiritual warfare and mind mapping.
Read up on reiki.
Combine the 2 ideas and learn to defend your mental and spiritual well-being.
Stay out of this site, cause it could make these triggers worse.

Now for certain eyes here, and dont worry i already know: this is what you get when you combine things that shoudnt be combined. Im not going the conspiracy route to feed your fancy nor am i going to attack. Be aware though that I know..

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