Dualities within dualities.

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Dualities within dualities. Empty Dualities within dualities.

Post by MysticLightShinethForth 24.06.21 8:23

There are dualities within dualities. Masculine is not just hard and feminine is not just soft. Masculine is not just light and feminine is not just dark. They're all contained in each other; soft and hard in this, and dark and light in this, and soft and hard in that, and light and dark in that. Masculine and feminine in this, and masculine and feminine in that. All interpenetrating each other in a complex network of dualities. Hence is the foundation of the manifest existence within the unfolded potentiality of a web of intricate relativity, stemming from the absolute ground of zero and one into the unfolded manifestation of the universe, nature and world.

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Dualities within dualities. Empty Re: Dualities within dualities.

Post by VedantaBlack 25.06.21 3:05

Yin and Yang
Shu and Tefnut
Fire and Water


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