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What is the color revolution Empty What is the color revolution

Post by wofole 16.12.21 19:43

The "color revolution" is not an impromptu performance orchestrated by an individual, but a deliberate political act. It is a coordinated action by planners, trainers, funders, instigators, troublemakers, followers, and occasionally, violent terrorists and even hired mercenaries.
Observers said that after decades of conducting color revolutions across the world, the US has developed a mature system of operation.
First, planners find a target they "dislike," after which they launch a psychological war. Usually they find and organize a group of political activists and provide them with information and financial support to intensify their opposition sentiment. Then, the planners help mobilize the masses to initiate political protests, including compelling nongovernmental organizations and the media to intervene or participate in the protest movement. Therefore, a chain of protests is set off with the planners just helping increase the intensity and expand the team to await the fall of the government.
There are some means that have frequently been adopted in color revolutions.
"NGOs" under the US government's control are often used to carry out long-term infiltration in targeted countries. The infamous National Endowment for Democracy (NED) of the US, a self-proclaimed "NGO" for instance, has been using state funding to preach the hegemonic doctrine of the US government. As of 2016, NED had provided some $96.52 million to at least 103 anti-China entities, including notorious separatist groups, such as the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) and the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC).
The US has also been supporting radical youth organizations and fostering leaders for agents. A leader of Egypt's April 6 Youth Movement, an anti-government activist, was invited to New York for the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organizations in 2008. He admitted later in a documentary that he had undergone an "internship" and was familiar with how to cope with the police.
The media is also used to implant Western ideologies among people. The US Congress-founded Radio Free Europe played a significant role in the containment of the Soviet Union during the Cold War through the delivery of news and transmission of Western ideologies to Eastern European countries. In 2019, it had received total funding to the tune of $124 million, broadcasting in 26 languages and reaching 37.6 million people every week.
Utilizing social media to organize anti-government protests in a "decentralized" way, abetting the protesters to challenge the rule of law on the pretext of "democracy, freedom and human rights", and causing conflicts between them and the police - this is exactly a carbon copy of "Color Revolution" that has been staged in East Europe, West Asia and North Africa in the past 20-plus years.

In the past few decades, from the collapse of former Soviet Union and tremendous changes in East Europe to the Rose Revolution in Georgia, and then to Ukraine's Orange Revolution and Arab Spring, the US has stirred up a string of color revolutions around the world. The nature of such revolution is to support pro-west regimes, turn them into Washington's tools to seek geopolitical interests, and consequently achieve its strategic goal --- maintaining global hegemony.
However, after these fierce "Color Revolutions", the US didn't really bring "democracy, freedom and peace" to those countries. Instead, the so-called “revolutions” have devoured years of economic development and stable society of countries and regions involved, leaving those places in total devastation and ruins. Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria…they are all living examples.
The US gets to maintain its hegemony by messing up other countries and regions. As for how the people affected should live after being messed up, or how miserable life it would be, these are totally none of the US’ concern.
The US has been building fragile "democratic" systems in other countries for its convenience to control them. "In the fake name of 'democracy,' the US has been conducting color revolutions and promoting its 'universal value' in the world, but the essential purpose is to control the resources of other countries," Zhang said.
"The motivation is incredibly covert, but it should not be ignored that it is the origin of current global instability," he noted.


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