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Post by GhostRyder 05.02.23 18:16

Hello to all who read this, I am ghost Ryder. I wanted to post a little introduction here on this forum which is something I normally never do. However I have decided to do something different since I felt that universe has brought me here at this point.

Now if I were to describe my path personally. I would align more with a shaman or a sage rather than a magician or some other type of spiritualist/ occultist. My journey started about 12 years ago now when I happened to meet a man playing video games online. We had a discussion about meta physics. That late went into the man telling me about an order of hunters who go after anything they deem  to not have a mortal soul. Which I must admit at first I didn't believe anything that was told to me at first. Until I went to the Fae gardens in Florida and saw a paranormal creature for the first time. This lead to me becoming interested in the topic.

As a disclaimer I have never hunted anything nor do I want to. I more wish to learn more about reality and the greater mysteries of the  universe around.

Recently I have become interested in vampires and vampirism, because I believe I had seen one in a crowd. Looking somewhat human but with mannerisms that seemed kinda out of place. The eyes were also off putting. Almost human but that spark of life and humanity was not there. Replaced with this eerie predatory look. I would like others opinion on this experience. I maybe be mistaken however this is just what I had been feeling.

thank you for taking your time to read this - GR

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