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The Red or Blue Pill... Empty The Red or Blue Pill...

Post by Tehom 17.12.23 14:44

At some stage in every-one's lifetime, especially Now, we are presented with a choice. It comes in many forms unique to each of us but is a shocking revelation the kinds which are hinted at by various authors in their more subconscious musings about the Human Diorama. This arrives like a great stallion dressed in white bearing the pale opportunity of transformation. It is a transcending of Awareness into the honest realization that requires our truest trust, our most Honest self-reflection, our acceptance of authenticity to be with and in-- that this reality is an illusory one.

The "Physical" Plane, while composed of materia that we can interact with through our five base senses - touch, feel, taste, smell, see, is in fact "not actual". It is not *really happening*, as we understand what is "really happening". This is a dream. It is not... and is.

When one Awakes to this they perceive that they are in fact projecting into the dream into a physical shell, but are not "actually here." There is just the illusion of being Present here, physically. So "reality" is not this. Living in "reality", truly, is to be in touch with our true Selves, as mentioned in other threads, igniting a clear direct line to the spiritual actuality, that is this truth, and so to be in line with our True Will. This makes us able to explore Asetianism, later in our studies perhaps, in far more advanced forms than are ever made public...

Onwards, we're given then the deeper realization-- that this Plane we have chosen to incarnate into, to have a spiritual experience within, has been actively tampered with and controlled, mandated, by forces seeking to imprison and psychically enslave those in the literal *illusions of matter*. The *Chains*. Deception. To prevent this "waking up" of the populace, by extension, and that these spiritual beings have designed specific frameworks over what must be millennia to prevent this from happening. Why? for once, the colloquial "Do your Research" is actually applicable... wouldn't be much sense in just echoing yet again what's plenty for you to look around and see for yourself.

To then choose to live and vigorously fight for the True Reality, to exist as Who you Are, is what actually defines an Asetianist. That is the Path, in its most Sacred and purified sense. Not just for this realm...

This is the Physical Incarnation of you, a Physical Avatar and representation of your essence. It's very much philosophically like making a character in a videogame, which you'll notice in worldly observation is people naturally replicating the processes going around within and around them. It truly is paramount that you can learn an impressive amount via Observation... never underestimate that tool as it's one that will have that value, again, not just in this realm. Meditation is in itself the honing of a sword... the refinement of a Weapon. For the Wise.

Is that character you, does it represent you? depends, but not really.

Making yourself as in-line with your true Spiritual Reality is the sacred gateway to true Power. As Yourself. Not false Power, just Power, that as sure as your Spiritual Connection exists, does not require exterior validation for anything it need do.

An Enemy to a Warrior of Truth is one who seeks to cloud you, intentionally, from your True Self... what is Adversarial is understood differently by some. Rise as Adversaries to Lies, or Become, perhaps, in worst cases, Adversaries to Truth itself. Willing Slaves of the very system that binds them.

There is no honeyed protection in the "Blue Pill." The Deep Sleep, from which some even may never wake. The harsh reality. Because they have chosen what is easily defined as Weakness; submission to the flavours of a dream, catering to the Ego. The False Idea. How deeply the Children of Nun do sleep...

A worse fate can awake them in the Violent catalyst; the very sudden shock, the Magma explosion, the eruption, [b]devastating Truth[/b] bestowed by the rightfully Silent deeds of this Plane's fiercest Warriors. For Truth, in any form, will always come to Light...

Continuing, Understand that in Awaking to this realization makes you aware of other things that are now very much aware of you, too. And combatting the further attempts at subduing your growth and progress is what will define the unspoken.

Delusions appear in lesser stages of consciousness. We Know the Truth, it is up to us to let it guide us.

A Small amount of Light travels eons in an infinite amount of Darkness... challenging what even is considered Infinite at all. Love is the Most Powerful Force we will ever Know.

Choose Wisely, Allies.

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