Scorpion, the Lineage of Guardians. (Basic Concepts)

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Scorpion, the Lineage of Guardians. (Basic Concepts) Empty Scorpion, the Lineage of Guardians. (Basic Concepts)

Post by Mina Sajidah 03.06.08 8:22

With an unquestionable and undeniable bond to Kemet, those who belong to the Guardian Lineage, are the descendants of the Primordial Scorpion, one of the three souls created by the pure essence of Aset Herself, being the lineage with the most powerful feeling of loyalty engraved on their hearts.
They are seen as important pillars among the Asetian family, also because their strong connection with the Earth, which gives them an inborn ability to develop remarkable energy shields, being hardly drained or psychically attacked by others. Due to this characteristic, they have the less sensitivity towards energy and metaphysical work while, in the other hand, they have a notorious immune system which leads them to an
admirable health. But, although this supposed weakness, they can embrace the metaphysical dominion as well as any lineage, if the proper Will is achieved. A Guardian can even master, on the higher level, a sexual practice, where he can easily drain vital energy just from the act of giving pleasure but not receiving at all, known as Tantric Feeding.
Holding this great connection with the Earth,they possess the slowest energy metabolism of the three, allowing them to feed not so regularly as the other lineages.
Guardians are anti-social and elitist beings by nature. They deeply condemn the lack of personality they
observe in the human herd, which typically acts according to what common society expects of them. Also because of this, their relationships are extremely restricted.

A Guardian, above all, is a being of pure love, whose essence is made of worshipping the one who gives light to his darkness.

To many of the Guardians, love is the engine of life itself, the energy that sustains
them and makes them move, adapt and evolve. Nothing makes sense without the presence
of that one true love, which they believe in, and all the motivations and actions of life itself
are kept to fulfill that one purpose –living with and for the loved one.

- Asetian Bible
Mina Sajidah
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