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Post by Nightshade 07.09.16 13:42

Leelahel wrote:I asked a transpersonal psychologist about this phenomenon of repeating numbers 1:11 2:22 11:11 with the principles of as above, so below. It was a lengthy conversation, but the points of worth in it were about assimilating the universe to our own inner functions, and then comparing the same thing with technology.

If in our most basic form we are waveforms, we are made up of sound. The same as out there in the universe. Posing the suggestion that we are resonating frequencies, those 11:11 times are times we can tune into frequencies. Messages from divinity, or simply tuning into our source. Just as the moon has influence over us because of how we are mostly made up of water, think of it as us tuning into another aspect of ourselves that is within us at our most basic level, but that we are not consciously aware of.

(At this point the conversation veers off into consciousness of the atom and consciousness of the smaller parts making up the whole.)

There is a hypothesis that in those repeating numbers, we tune into the Akashic Records. Interesting to think about the possibility. And why not a message? What is it we tune into when we notice those numbers?

It all comes down to numbers, patterns, intuition and how receptive we are to the possibilities. The aforementioned could be disproved in the future as science and technology continue to develop, but as of right now the suggestion that we are tuning into an essence that echoes through the universe helps explain a likeness. As above, so below.

Repeating numbers as a portal? Interesting suggestion. Possible provided the technology exists, or the brain has developed immensely. Or that there are some very, very 'evolved' lifeforms with the ability. Why not? Harkening back to the concept of the Merkabah, there's so much out there. And it's fascinating to think about.

Really interesting contribution. There's a lot of potential to explore there. Thanks for sharing this.

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Post by Maxx 07.09.16 17:58

great.   I use it to tune into source.

I have noticed that it is a little easier to contact and receive in the shower or a tub of water.  No question about that.

That last paragraph.....I need to point out.....if the digital clock you look at is showing that time....and use that as a portal, you can have the same number reset on that clock to occur over and over again....  It may show 11:11 at your house for a minute, but the neighbor on the other side of town may have their clock different by 5 mins than yours....so that shows me you do not need a clock and can do this anytime you choose, whether to contact, or vacate the body or the mind through a particular portal.... it is interesting.

This, and only my way of looking at it and means nothing to someone else, I see the act of a ritual as only a training exercise in the beginning to be developed and allow a person that has done this many times to eliminate the actual ritual and then just sit down and do it within the mind and get the same outcome. Never looked at this that way before with the digital number element, but I use it day and night in different ways.

a great piece of info Leelahel. thanks

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