Discovered Methods of Feeding, from organisms to plasma and beyond

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Discovered Methods of Feeding, from organisms to plasma and beyond

Post by Sand Dollar on 09.06.17 12:39

Ahoy sailors. Been lurking a while and experimenting, reading from the Asetian Bible and from your posts, but I've been waiting until I learn more to post something here. That times feels like it's here so I wanted to share some of my feeding techniques with you all, and these will especially help the empaths and others very attuned to feelings of guilt with various forms of feeding.

All of these methods, as far as I know, do not cause any damage to the "victims" except perhaps yourself if you do not go with the proper flows of energy, especially from some of the rawer forms I will list.

There is a constant in the multiverse that is movement, vibration, entropy, order to chaos, chaos to order, etc. This vibrational force behind everything tells me everything has life and love to it. This is how I have taken to being able to feed, at various degrees, off of anything I come into contact with.

One of the best kinds of organisms to feed off of, on a level that is simultaneously physical and metaphysical, is to project a psychic attack into the physical realm towards a creature that is clearly obese, or is suffering from a growth, tumor, etc. This appears to me to involve a certain level of astral projection practice to bridge the gap between physical and metaphysical, but it also seems that I might either be naturally attuned to this form of feeding, or that it is typically not very hard to begin with. But, as I said, one needs (in my opinion and experience) some familiarity with astral projection so as to project pieces of their soul that will bring back the energy drawn from the fat/excess tissue. This form will cleanseth their bodies, the degree to which is subjective to the amount of skill and intended feeding the one vampire or otherkin has projected into the process. Unless it is for some reason your goal, make sure to neurologically and metaphysically filter this energy, because while it will feed you plenty regardless, it can put on the pounds for you if you do not direct to another form of excretion in your own normal processes, like crying, sweating, vomiting, urinating, or fecal excretion.

Vomiting is a powerful form of cleansing yourself, as a side note that easily goes along with the topic of this post. It is quite natural for one to automatically project various toxic energies into their vomit, which can sometimes appear very similar to a near-death experience, especially if one has ingested any of a huge variety of psychoactive substances. Psychedelics are at the forefront of my most powerful magick, including purer, cleaner, and more easily filtered feeds from mentioned and to-be mentioned forms of feeding. Moving on.

Fire and other plasmic substances are great for getting extremely clean and potent forms of energy. To truly tap into this, one would either have to have a natural affinity for this type, or naturally become enlightened concerning this particular form, which hopefully this paragraph can help with.

A good method is preparing a personalized and fire symbolic metaphysical transmutation circle around whatever plasmic source you have, which will most tangibly be fire in this realm (usually). Using hand symbols that I will leave the intuition if the feeder up to discovering, for we all have our own that are most attuned to our energies. Just feel around with what feels the best, is shaped the best, and symbolizes the best (to you) the flames you are interacting with. Do this simultaneously as you visualize and thus create the transmutation circle. You should feel a pressure, but if you are very clean or already attuned with the flow of life to a sufficient degree, you might feel and intense internal windy feeling. If you feel the pressure it is likely necessary to move your body into a more yogic or tantric position to let the energy flow. If you follow the direction(s) of the pressure correctly, and sometimes consecutively (since not all are sometimes able to be combined into a single position), then you should start seeing smaller pockets flow with life energy, Ka. It may even be that you succeed quickly and it all flows through your body, mind, and soul, but this all depends on personal skill level, natural affinity, and amount of cleanness in daily life. And by the way, you might get a little hot. Burning yourself can provide a good amount of raw energy, but it damages the temple/vessel/body. I have reason to believe that alchemical interaction with fire is a direct, to varying degrees, interaction with one of the many realms of Hell, which does not always have to just been heat, flame, and brimstone.

The third and last way before I edit this and add to it later, is "drugs", psychoactive substances that can for better or worse help you penetrate and delve into hidden, latent, or at least less active or intricately manipulated, parts of your minds, bodily glands, and body itself as a whole. To explain every which way you can feed when tripping, stoned, rolling, whatever terms and conditions you want to conceptualize and recognize, It all is strongly intertwined with you simply feeling yourself and your bodily, holy, and mentally secreted substances and energies. One of the best ways for more untrained people to feed off of drug use is to feel the rush of raw neurotransmitters, and the gushes of pleasure that you feel. For the more trained, you can follow metaphysical and oftentimes physical rabbit trails that can lead you down great puzzle tracks, which when you fin the end of, or especially if an effective shortcut or loophole or found, you will be burst full of energy. An easy way to recognize a puzzle sprouting is to pay attention to any strange feelings emanating from deep within your skull, usually emanating for the center or near the center of the brain, at least at my current level of wisdom and intelligence that is where it usually stems from. I'm sure there are focal points everywhere throughout the brain, but I am by no means a master. Oftentimes these things call you to an ancient language, words of power, or to strange interruptions in everyday reality that have proven to me to be, werewolves, fairies, extraterrestrial interactions, interactions with ancient spirits,and with doppelganger souls, and not just of myself.

More on this later, likely in an edit or another post. Thanks for reading, but I gotta head out to get baptized in a holy body of water. I drown every time hehe

Much love and blessings from the great Creator, Aset, Christ, Enki, and many more.

Sand Dollar

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Re: Discovered Methods of Feeding, from organisms to plasma and beyond

Post by A.Nightside on 10.06.17 13:57

Very interesting and informative read. Thank you, much.

I'm actually experienced in the plasma/fire feeding you describe, and other elemental feeds.

A word of caution though, regarding vomiting, while it can help in ridding of toxins, physical and metaphysical too much can damage your physical body due to stomach acid, and general wear on the organs involved in the process. All in moderation (:

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